Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Fedee Accuses Opposition of Duplicity And Double Standards

Tourism Minister, Dominic Fedee, has accused the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) of duplicity and double standards in a statement Thursday.

Fedee’s statement is reproduced below:

It has become necessary for me to express my deepest concern over activities threatening to undermine the confidence of the local tourism investment climate. A number of these initiatives can be traced back to actions by the opposition St. Lucia Labour party which have justified its meandering positions on various projects for a variety of reasons.

Without investment, it is more difficult for us to grow the economy, create jobs, pay for our schools and create opportunity for our people hence my decision to make this matter one of national priority. However, narrow political views taken by the opposition do not only threaten investor confidence but also confuses the local populace on its real view on the various development agendas.

The opposition’s shifting opinions on the range of issues facing our country are clearly highlighted in letters reproduced in the Saturday, October 20 Issue of the Star Newspaper and this demands a detailed

explanation from the Member of Parliament for Vieux Fort South, former Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony. The Vieux Fort South MP has continuously poured scorn on the DSH project and its developer since July 2016 but, in the published letters, Dr. Kenny Anthony was among the staunchest supporters of the DSH development and its Developer, Teo Aking. In the reproduced letters, which were submitted in his application for judicial review, former Prime Minister Anthony wrote glowingly of the DSH project and envisioned a flagship resort of laudable global reputation. One of the letters reports Dr. Anthony to have written the following and I quote:

“Teo, rest assured that I possess an even greater desire to see this project become a reality for so many reasons. I will push to the limit. I ask that you consider my thoughts which I have shared above. Let us find solutions and make this a flag-bearer for a sustainable integrated resort development in the world,” End of quote.

The letter goes on to quote the former Prime Minister explaining that it would be political suicide for him to seek a Parliamentary waiver of sovereign immunity in an election year. Further it goes on to quote him as writing: “It will really help me to understand what is the interest you seek to achieve so I may consider other ways in which we can assist to achieve the same objective.”

From reading the STAR article one would get the distinct impression less than a month prior to the June 06th 2016 elections, the Member for Vieux Fort South was an avid supporter of the DSH project and its CEO Teo Aking. The Newspaper also quoted an email dated April 22nd from an account believed to be the Member for Vieux Fort South private email. It reads: “Dear Teo, It was good to hear from you. I continue to admire your commitment and passion for this investment. I understand that your proposal is on the way to cabinet for consideration. “

In one section of the letter it even quoted him as suggesting to the investor that he can achieve the same result if the wording regarding certain aspects of the proposal be framed differently.

These cordial exchanges beg the question as to the real motivation behind the sudden change of heart which the Member for Vieux Fort South has cultivated towards the DSH project. They raise the question, whether on the eve of an election, the Member fully intended to implement the DSH project if emerged victorious at the polls for the 2016 elections.

This posture of double-standards and duplicity appears to be inspired by a quest to score political mileage. However, it significantly undermines St. Lucia’s reputation as an investment jurisdiction. Several projects and policy decisions continue to feel the wrath of opposition deception ranging from the following:

1. The previous administration’s decision to grant approval for the development of a dolphin park at Anse Jabet whilst in government, but pivots to being against dolphin parks while in opposition.

2. A decision to implement the Airport Development Tax to allow for the Hewenora Airport Development Project but deviates from it once they assume the benches of opposition.

3. A report by the Financial Times which rated St. Lucia’s CIP program as high political risk because of statements made by the opposition that upon reassuming office they would revoke citizenships granted under the reformed CIP regime approved by a democratically elected parliament.

It has been 12 days since the STAR article was published and the silence of the vocal Member for Vieux Fort South is deafening. The people of St.

Lucia deserves the frank and full disclosure of where he really stands on the DSH development. The people of St. Lucia deserve to know whether the DSH development would have been implemented had the opposition not succumb to defeat at the polls during the 2016 general elections.

It is my profound hope that the expressed words of Earth Wind and Fire are not coming to light: “After the love is Gone, what use to be right is now wrong.


  1. 11/1/2018
    When Noah, during his time was warning the people to turn from their wicked ways and of the impending storm that the Lord had revealed to him, he was called a lunatic and craze because they had never heard of floods before far less rain but when he entered the Arc and it began to rain, then they realized what he was saying was the truth. Daniel the prophet did not mince words to inform us of the “man of sin” and what he is going to do. I do not consider myself a prophet, nor a false prophet but a messenger of God, he calls me his beloved. Some claim that I have another spirit but I ask you to take it up with him.
    The spirit revealed that, he sent his beloved with his message for America but they rejected his message. The Lord mentioned that, when he removes his people, a “man of great might” will appear on the world scene and his regiment will kill ruthlessly, they shall be cut into pieces, do not listen to him, all his plans are already in place. America is surrounded on both sides by her enemies. There will be a moment of peace for America and then suddenly, great disaster, the skies will be darkened with smoke and dust towards the Heavens.
    The leaders of the world do not care about God and will not serve him so they will follow the plans of the enemy.
    He wants his people to pray ceaselessly to him daily because he is not a man that he should lie, nor a man that should repent, his words are yea and Amen.

  2. The difference is that your administration gave Teo everything but the kitchen sink. Also the CPI under your watch diminished what was a decent deal for letting people get citizenship for next to nothing all the while cutting back on the due diligence needed to make sure that the right individuals get approved for CPI.
    The difference is the way you guys have approach these issues. Almost to the point of desperation. Not taking into consideration what the future holds for the people who have to deal with these very pertinent issues down the road. There is so much desperation within this group that they seem to be having fire sales for everything that make us unique without getting the just rewards for it’s citizens

  3. I remember when you guys were in opposition Chastenet did say that he would speak to potential investors to undermine investments. You sir are a hypocrite!

  4. No matter who in power my backside itching,sign Im getting screwed.Just waiting for horses to arrive,and the big show off all this circus,to start.

  5. I am beginning to suspect that guy is delayed or possibly a wannabe manipulator. The issue is the finalized deal. The grand giveaway. The rip-off bro.

  6. Governments are always blaming oppositions, oppositions are doing the same. Fedee we voted you all in to work for the country, not to create political wars, please get on with the job, and don’t try to confuse us!

  7. This is not the only island were China is promising a grand development? Three years have gone by,and the fantastic proyect in St Maarten,is growing weeds? How many times was DSH regected? And we have no problems? put it out to referendum,? and let the will of the people reign.

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