Fedee Challenges Claims That Saint Lucia Is Continuing To Break Tourism Records

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Former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee has taken issue with suggestions that Saint Lucia is continuing to break tourism records.

He described the industry’s performance as lacklustre and lukewarm.

“What we are seeing is a lack of planning, a lack of proactiveness. We have made more trips to Nigeria and to Dubai where we have no planes coming from rather than taking care of our traditional markets like the US and the UK to make sure that these markets are firing on all cylinders,” Fedee told a news conference on Thursday.

And he warned against highlighting one aspect of tourism, rather than looking holistically at the industry.

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“I debunk statements made by the Ministry of Tourism suggesting that the industry is breaking records – we’re not. We have a long way to go,” the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP declared.

By way of example, he quoted Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) figures indicating that in 2019 before COVID-19, stayover arrivals at this time were 262 381 while this year the figure up to July was 209 929.

The former Minister declared that this represented over 50 000 less than where the country was in 2019.

In addition, he observed that the cruise sector at this time in 2019 based on the SLTA’s latest report, accounted for 484 631.

” Now we are at 164, 044 which means that we are over 300,000 behind where we were if we had to look at our winter season for the cruise industry. This would mean we are presiding over the worst summer in the cruise season that we have seen in the last 25 years,” he asserted.

Fedee also quoted figures for the yachting sector.

He said it was shocking that a Tourism Minister would be happy with those numbers.

However, Fedee acknowledged that in the defence of the Minister of Tourism and those in charge of tourism, Saint Lucia was recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

But he warned that people must be careful how they make pronouncements as the recovery continues.

Headline photo: Dominic Fedee (Stock image)

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  1. As St Lucians, it is critical to do your research. Go on the IATA, WorldBank, Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, IMF, Oxford Economics. You can then comment from a factual basis. Are tourism figures on a rise. I have given you some websites, do your research.

  2. While tourism is important, immediate attention should be given to growing agriculture in Saint Lucia. Tourism brings more than 90% of the money and Agriculture barely 2%. The farmers are ready, but everyone is planting the same thing and there is no national strategy being implemented (studies yes, action no). Give farmers a clear direction, financial assistance to het there and expect accountability for their use of resources.

  3. I am yet to see any difference or improvement in the economy as promised. Prices continue to rise and cost of living is unbearably high. The yellows and reds continue to plunder St Lucia at various levels of government. They lie to us at will and we are all foolish to swallow their lies hook, line, and sinker.
    Wake up my people. We deserve better than all of these.

  4. Interesting. Look like tourism no minister looking for the second jufalli in dubai. Good thing nigerians dont eff around. Let them fix him good and proper. That bamboo will burst wait and see. Look like someone is desperate .

  5. Agree it doesn’t matter which political party does what however since the middle of August if I am not mistaken there have been an average of 4 flights per day operating at Hewanorra so I was just wondering where are we receiving other visitors? To keep the sector booming

  6. The point is tourism sector looking good rite now. I work at a hotel and can see the reflection of it don’t really care about which party did what.

  7. i totally agree the tourism is shit in this country. the records slp is taking about is preety much what we had after the country opened after the covid pandemic right now we in the closed season or slow season if you will only one damn cruise ship has ever came in the ports if not two for the most. when it was under uwp you would get at least one ship once a week right now nothing not coming in boy i feel it for the taxi drivers at point seraphine

  8. If I’m not mistaken there were many restrictions as it pertains to Covid. It’s only as of recent like a month ago that we’ve had relaxed protocols so comparing this year to 2019 before Covid is utter bull. Not to mention cruises had so many restrictions persons avoided them so exactly what point are you trying to prove with your statistics? And no I’m not red or yellow but anyone who thinks that comparison is fair is very bias.

  9. Folks just that you know the former minister can easily get access to the numbers so whether you like him or not I think you should verify what the current administration is trying to sell to us before you start calling him Mr Desperado Black Bawy

  10. No one shall touch God’s annointed. Anyone who does shall surely perish. I can guarantee that! Our Father sees and knows it all. Keep praying earnestly St. Lucia!

  11. SLP supporters are always insultive if you say something against them. Wasn’t this record tourist arrivals claim a copy from the Jamaica news article?

  12. All you SLP supporters who are quick to comment in order to support your incompetent government ,they came in power by fooling you’ll with lies and they still continue to fool you’ll with lies so people will think they are working

  13. The persons who RIPS The profits are Cox and Company .Fosters Inc.The Train .The Hotels all Inclusive .A few Taxi Drivers Work Credit For Sandals and other Hotels .It Takes about Three Months to get pay .The Tourism Industry is papisho in St.Lucia

  14. Crow, when are you going to face the fact that you are being conned with lies. You see anything in this country at this time to indicate that we are breaking tourism records? Another aspect of the industry that Fedee failed to mention was the cruise ship sector. How many cruise ships have you seen in Castries this summer?

  15. Again, trying to debunk facts with summations and innuendo. Will not work padna. Go back to cocolorum jail and remain there. UWP grasping at straws and attempting to make stuff stick. Awa! Pa Ici a!


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