Fedee Criticises SLP, Says Now No Time For ‘Visionless Leaders’

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Tourism Minister, Dominic Fedee, has accused the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) of ‘flip flopping’ on issues as the world grapples with serious matters, but he says that this is no time for visionless leaders.

“You can’t be flip flopping – you cannot be void of a consistent belief and a consistent philosophy on the way forward,” the Anse La Raye-Canaries MP told Sunday evening’s Flambeau Forum.

Fedee explained that the size of the world’s challenges is becoming larger, so it’s not a time for small politics.

He expressed the view that had labour been in office at the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit, an SLP administration would have had no clue how to respond.

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“I look at the announcement of them proposing a seven-point plan for COVID and I can tell you that I am sure that if you ask the individual MPs, none of them can recite a single aspect of the plan or explain it in any great detail to the people of Saint Lucia,” Fedee stated.

“And that is because they’re not vested in it. It’s all about politics,” he expressed.

“This is what frustrates me when I go to the parliament – to see that the labour party, they’re always on stage. They have flip flopped on so many issues.”

“We have unearthed emails from Kenny Anthony that he supported some of the projects that the labour party is now criticising – the famous letter from Philip J. Pierre when he was acting as prime minister comes to mind,” Fedee observed.

In this regard, the minister expressed the view that it is in the DNA of the labour party not to be honest and upfront with people.



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