Monday, December 10, 2018

Fedee: Labour Government Would Have Had Two Dolphin Parks

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Tourism Minister, Dominic Fedee, has told reporters here that had the then Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration had its way, there would have been two dolphin parks here.

Fedee spoke one day after Economic Development Minister, Guy Joseph, revealed to the media that there was a labour government cabinet conclusion in November 2015 granting concessions to a company here to build a dolphin park.

“The cabinet conclusion, I think it is cabinet conclusion number 744. I think I was in the presence of the minister when we were doing some research when we did discover that the previous administration if they had their way, they would have not only done  one dolphin park at Anse Jambette, but they would have done two dolphin parks – one at Pigeon Point and the other at Anse Jambette,” the Tourism Minister told reporters Tuesday as he arrived for a sitting of the House of Assembly.

According to Fedee, it demonstrates the duplicity and double standards by the SLP on a range of issues.

“You would have been aware of my earlier statements, and my earlier statements did make it clear that a number of our development projects – DSH, the dolphin park, everything that we try to do has received nothing but political opposition – very narrow self-interest on the part of the opposition,” he declared.

“I think this is very dangerous for our country, It undermines the development and I  think it really stymies progress and I think what we have to do is to make sure that as members of the press, as members of the public we must reject such very cheap politics.”

“You cannot for example be criticising the notion of  a dolphin park and you have approved two in the tenure of your administration,” the minister told reporters.

He urged reporters to ask the opposition what its real stance is, not just in relation to dolphin parks but a number of other issues.

“They have been fooling all of you guys and you have been drinking the soup,” Fedee, whose portfolio includes  information and broadcasting, asserted.

One of the reporters responded by telling the minister that they do not drink soup but ask questions just as Fedee, a broadcast journalist, did some years ago when he worked in the media.

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  1. Fedee dont worry,they could have aproved the dolphin park,but From there to actually starting the construction,is another story,because we are not going to let that happen,period.


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