Fedee Lauds Ministry Of Education For Millet School Rehabilitation

The MP for Anse La Raye-Canaries, Dominic Fedee, has expressed gratitude to Education Minister, Doctor Gale Rigobert and her team, for investing heavily in the Millet Combined School.

Fedee did so Tuesday in a post on Rigobert’s official Facebook page.

“I am extremely grateful to Minister for Education, Hon. Dr. Gale T C Rigobert and her team at the Ministry for investing so heavily in this well deserving school which is one of the Top performing institutions in the district,” he stated.

Fedee, who is also Minister of Tourism, observed that  for the 2nd Year in a row, the Government of Saint Lucia has invested $10 Million EC in the rehabilitation of over 60 schools across the island.

Minister Fedee interacts with students

He noted that prior to this, previous administrations would only spend about $1 Million EC on school rehabilitation.

“One of the schools which benefited this year from a comprehensive rehab was the Millet Combined School,” the MP stated.

He disclosed that some of the work done at Millet Combined includes the installation of new roofs on both structures, a new IT lab, a comprehensive paint job, extensions to the bathrooms and the installation of safety railings in strategic points on the compound.


  1. Great for this school that the ministry never knew existed.Im sure Pearl Regis has much to be exited about,she has been there for ever its her second home.She deserves this moment of happines with her students and the rest of her staff.Fede you seem to be a nice guy,dont kiss bald head a s she is good for nothing ,just look at all the schools that had to close down lately. You call that a responsible Education Minister.?

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