Fedee Praises Media, Encourages Them To Verify Before Publishing Stories

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Saint Lucia’s Minister with responsibility for broadcasting, Dominic Fedee, has praised the work of the local media acknowledging that it is often difficult.

“You guys do a tremendous job,” he told reporters Thursday.

Fedee said it takes a lot of courage.

“I admire you guys all the time, because sometimes you get caught in political crossfire and you may do a story that a political party may not like, either of the two, and you get caught in the middle of what is going on between the two  main parties,” the former broadcast journalist observed.

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But at the same time he  cited the need for accuracy in reporting.

“I would like to see us go back to those days where we verify before we publish stories and we ensure that if there is no credible source, we stand down on stories and we make sure we take our obligation seriously to bring truth – fair and balanced truth to the public of Saint Lucia,” Fedee stated.

Fede urged reporters to continue doing what they are doing.

“We can only improve, we can only learn,” he stated.

Fedee disclosed that he made mistakes as a journalist.

He recalled an example of recording a caller to a talk show and carrying a news story for radio under the erroneous assumption that the caller’s voice belonged to a particular individual.

“I was wrong about the voice,” he lamented.

The Minister described it as the biggest lesson for him in media in learning to verify.

“What I ought to have done was to call the individual whom I thought it was and say :’Was that really you who called the show and can I use your voice on the call?'”

“The normal person really does not have the infrastructure to defend that,” the Minister observed.



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