Fedee Reiterates Opposition Call For Ban On Russians Applying To Saint Lucia CIP

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The leader of opposition business in the Saint Lucia senate, Dominic Fedee, has called on the government to adopt a stricter stance regarding sanctions against Russia over its ‘illegal and undemocratic’ invasion of Ukraine by prohibiting Russians from applying to this country’s Citizenship By Investment Programme (CIP).

“We still stand by our suggestion which suggests that what we need to do is ban completely Russian nationals from applying to our CIP programme. Dominica has done, so St Kitts has done so, Antigua has done so,” the former Tourism Minister told reporters on Thursday.

“And to say that we will allow Russians to apply to our programme really is a slap in the face of what over 165 countries voted for at the United Nations, including Saint Lucia, that we would take a tough stance as a united world against any country that violates the sovereignty of another,” Fedee observed.

He declared that as a small country, Saint Lucia has to take a strong stand against Russia or any country that contravenes international law. According to Fedee, Saint Lucia has no military or strategic economic importance.

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“What we do have is internationallaw on our side and that’s what protects our vulnerability. As soon as we start cozying up regimes thatare going to contravene and violate international law then I believe that we are making it very difficult for ourselves,” the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP asserted.

“Today it’s Ukraine, tomorrow it’s Saint Lucia,” Fedee observed.

As a result, he indicated that this country needed to send the right signal to its traditional allies.

He said he was sure that the United States and the United Kingdom are watching Saint Lucia’s every move as this country cozies up to some questionable regimes.

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  1. Well when I marry my Russian billionaire I want to see fede who is Guyanese sanction my lover boy. We will be enjoying ourselves. fedee you can toof. He will get Lucian passport for free on my lineage unlike u who is not Lucian

  2. I’m curious as to how many Russians are applying for our CIP and if someone applies for CIP do they automatically receive it. I was under the impression that there was a process involved in persons getting CIP such as doing background checks and other due diligence. Fedee’s statement makes it seem like applying means you’re automatically accepted.

  3. Look, many Ukrainians have Russian passports today due to the breakdown of USSR. What’s about them? Do you think they’re the terrorists too? Freaking.. Since 2000 Putin has already put in the prisons thousands of his opponents, it’s so stupid to believe that everyone in Russia responsible for his terrible actions.

    We should understand that it’s not okay to DISCRIMINATE people by their ethnicity in our country. Just do a normal due diligence check, rather than trying to please americans and the rest of the world. It’s St. Lucia and we have an opportunity to improve our country with these investments, moreover the question is not about their money, it’s about real people who are trying not to become the refugees. Please think carefully !!!

  4. Shame on you Fedee for this discrimination. It’s not about money, it’s about innocent Russian people too. While you’re practicing racism, Putin tries to restart Death Penalty for everyone against his regime.

  5. Have we not understand the lessons that we can’t discriminate people by their colour as well as by their passports?
    Many Russian citizens were born in USSR, how can you think that they’re supporting Putin right now…

  6. Look… many Russian passport holders were born in Ukraine. Their families are continue to live in Ukraine and the situation which is happening right now is only the decision of Putin, who is promising, by the way, to start Death Penalty for anyone against his regime.

    Even if Russians are wanting to have our passport they’re here to improve our economy. Just continue to do Due diligence carefully and that’s all, or at least justify about people on their background rather than DISCRIMINATE them by ETHNICITY.

    When EU stops the programme it’s clear because their passports cost more than 2 mln dollars. However, our CIP price is acceptable for many people around the world. It’s not freaking the same story… Please think about our country rather than ways to please the USA and the UK !!!

  7. So sad that this government will stoop so low to let Russia come to invest ..the world is turning their backs on Russia why would st lucia welcome them. We are in some serious trouble are st lucians blind. Are we so hungry that we will let any terrorists invest. God help us. This government is pure evil

  8. All those who want to chastise Mr. Fedee, let us wait and see what will happen to our backside if we make St Lucia a safe haven for the Russians, who the world is against.

    • Not all Russians support Putin. You don’t just deny someone just because they were born Russian or hold a Russian passport.

  9. Lost support for the opposition on this one. This is outright balant racism, where were you all for condemnation when the US and Europe killed millions in Africa and the middle east, when Ukraine was systematically genociding their ethnic Russian population, killing more than 14000 civilians since 2014, all this in violation of international law and Geneva convention. We should stay NEUTRAL and stand against the hypocrisy coming from the US and Europe, outright call out Ukraine for it’s racism towards non-white people and their glorication of Nazism and condemn the invasion and occupation of any country.

  10. illegal and undemocratic’ Uhhhi think that’s what you all did to St Lucians with Cabot sale,DSH sale and Piton Land sale yh……. If Russians want to find solace on calm or rough St Lucian shores under a alternative payment system not including the USA , Than we have every right to do so as a sovereign Independent Nation. St Lucia needs a lot of money after UWP scandeled 880 million for Cabot, 2 Million for COvid relief from the COvid telethon from us the local Lucian’s, where’s all the reserves!?……. If Russia wants to come in their luxiouriousyachts and private jets , you UWP are the ones that built a private runway for jets did you not bunker some sh* t like that! So SLP will capitalize on the money wasted with DSH,BS and VF new Dock for cruise ships, new airport sh*T yh…… I say if Russians want to come here and spend a sH*****t LOAD of money to stay here it’s none of anyones business including you UWP and The United States… Putin is a select group and not all Russians take his stance yh…. And same to Ukraines They should be allowed to come as Well! ☮️

    • Fedee..chas and gang of forrestierre thieves dry up all govt money! Now he is an expert on how to not get money for us. Not all Russians are Putin puppets….so dont just outright ban all Russians without due diligence into their accounts. Them men like to beat their mout when they are jobless.

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