Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Fedee Says Adjusted COVID-19 Protocols ‘Sensible’

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The leader of opposition business in the Senate, former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee, has responded to the recently adjusted COVID-19 protocols announced by the government, describing the new measures as ‘sensible.’

The Minister of Health Wellness and Elderly Affairs, Moses Jn Baptiste, announced the adjustments last week.

They followed a social media controversy over what tourism officials described as an ‘authorised cruise ship operation’ on a ‘no movement Sunday’ that saw tourists disembarking from a bus in the village of Anse La Raye.

In one of several videos on social media, a male individual engages in a rant punctuated by expletives, declaring that tourists were allowed to roam while locals had to stay home.

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The Minister of Health said to remove any perception of one set of standards for cruise visitors and another for Saint Lucians, the Cabinet of Ministers acting on the recommendations of the COVID -19 Management Centre had decided to introduce a 5:00 pm start time for home confinement on Sundays.

The measure came into force on November 7, 2021, and will continue until December 2, 2021.

The Minister explained that this change would also apply to when cruise visitors return to their ships.

“Thank God for Facebook that we now have a sensible set of protocols,” Dominic Fedee declared.

” The SLP has always put politics first and locking us up on a Sunday we have argued that not only was it unconstitutional to begin with, but when the cases started to come down there really could have lifted the curfew a lot earlier,” he stated.

Fedee said the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) was, as usual, bowing to pressure from Facebook, the public, and the political polls.

The former Tourism Minister described as well-documented, the former United Workers Party (UWP) position on balancing lives and livelihoods amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.

But he declared that the SLP, which campaigned on the issues of parity, equilibrium, and putting an end to ‘two Saint Lucias’ is perpetuating the ‘two Saint Lucias’ concept.

“Right now big businesses can sell alcohol while a number of the small bars all over our country adding up to the thousands are not allowed to sell alcohol and so the SLP has really violated its own philosophy on a number of the issues,” Fedee stated.

Headline photo: Dominic Fedee (File image)

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