Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Fedee Says Government Can Renew GIS Employees’ Contracts

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Three Government Information Service (GIS) employees the opposition claims the labour administration fired were ‘seasoned professionals’ and the ‘heartbeat of GIS programming,’ former Information and Broadcasting Minister Dominic Fedee says.

The United Workers Party (UWP) had identified the three as Lissa Joseph, Primus Hutchinson, and Herma Demacque.

According to the party, they had received their ‘marching orders’, a claim denied by Information Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire, who rejected accusations of victimisation .

Hilaire said the contracts were not being renewed.

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“We don’t have need for their particular services but we still allow them to run out their contracts which end at the end of March,” he disclosed, adding that termination could have come in July or August last year.

Hilaire accused opposition leader Allen Chastanet and his ‘surrogates’ of being ‘disingenuous and blatantly dishonest’ regarding the matter.

But Dominic Fedee told reporters Tuesday outside parliament that he saw a desperate attempt by the government to deny victimisation.

And he declared that the government has the power to renew the contracts.

“Why not renew the contracts? You are talking about individuals with significant years in the media. You are going to end the Kweyol speaking programme that was done by Mr. Hutchinson? I don’t want to get involved as to what political party they support. I am not aware that they do, but they are seasoned professionals that helped to beef up and complement the GIS programming very well. In fact they were the heartbeat of the GIS programming and they are going to be sorely missed,” Fedee, a former broadcast journalist, stated.

Asked why the former government hired them as consultants, he responded that it happens continuously.

“You have consultants. If you look in this budget that we are about to launch, this government has millions in consultancies. They will be paying in fact it’s 81 million dollars. It’s a very normal practice,” Fedee declared.

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  1. No organization is under any obligation to renew a contract once it expires. If they were consultants to the yellow party, no one is sure where their loyalties lie. According to the Creole saying ‘ house dog bite is far worse than that of a street dog’. That means treachery is worse when it comes from people who are in your inner circle. Smart move.

  2. Fedee , you seem to be forgetting things fast. Refresh your memory, when you asked Cabinet to fire a certain individual whilse he was working on the Millet road. You forgot that.
    So shut up Guyanese

  3. Says the man who as soon as was elected shut down Radio Saint Lucia…..you feel we forget!!!!

  4. Because of the service they provided ….why were they place on contract in the first place…they should have been pernament staff of GIS

    • Not saying this is the case….but some prefer to be on contract to get that huge gratuity at the end of those contracts…of course the risk is not getting it renewed.

  5. Don’t be asking the government to do what you Yellow Clowns would not have done. There is/was no “victimization” as stated by the defunct minister, there contracts has ran it’s course bringing an end to their tenure. Their are in other talents with the same requisites than can be given a chance to shine for GIS.

  6. I am saddened to learn of Lisa Joseph’s fate. She has been a household name for many years. One ought to remember when one door closes, plenty open.

  7. ok i have a question if you have to be fired who does it ? the Ps for that particular Ministry or the Minister itself?

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