Friday, November 15, 2019

Fedee Says Strength Of The Caribbean Travel Brand Must Be Leveraged

Saint Lucia’s Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee believes that the region must now leverage the strength of the Caribbean brand, asserting that it remains one of the strongest travel brands in the world, but perhaps the most neglected.

Fedee spoke during an interview with Breaking Travel News on Monday at World Travel Market in London.

“We have got to restructure and get the financial room that we need to invest strategically into marketing the Caribbean; into research for tourism information and statistics so that we can make very strategic decisions from a government point of view – from a development point of view; and we can show customers all over the world that the Caribbean is just the most amazing place in the world,” the Tourism Minister stated.

Fedee, who is also Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) , was responding to a question posed by Breaking Travel News Editor, Chris O’ Toole, about the recent decision to close offices in New York and London.

“The motivation is very simple -we want a better return on our investment,” the Minister explained.

“At the moment the administrative costs are just too high and what we have got to do is give our members the best return on their investment,” Fedee said.

He noted that the The CTO was established back in the 1970’s and back then a number of the members were agriculture based economies.

“Now they are tourism based economies and what they have done is they have invested a lot more in infrastructure – in offices across the main markets which are the UK, the US, certain parts of Europe and also the Canadian market; and so what we have got to do now is to ensure that we are not duplicating the services that are being rendered already by our members but give them something that are not able to do for themselves,” Fedee declared.



  1. Haters, like “Truth”, will always exist. Minister Fedee is saying all the right things about Saint Lucia’s Tourism. It is only sad that you require financial resources like Sandals to succeed in the tourism market. Mr. Fedee has his faults like all of us but he is doing a damn good job in the circumstances. Haters complain about everything he does but whatever he lacks in altitude, he certainly makes up with his caring attitude.

  2. This just another bunch of flowery words, he wasn’t actually outlined ways to leverage the caribbean travel band. Instead of stating the obvious issues how about giving solutions to the problems


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