Fedee Urges Pierre To Articulate Holistic Crime-Fighting Plan

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Former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP, Dominic Fedee, has called on Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to come forward with a crime-fighting plan for Saint Lucia.

“We would like to call on the Prime Minister to better articulate a holistic plan for the fighting of crime in Saint Lucia,” Fedee told an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) news conference on Tuesday.

The former Tourism Minister spoke amid a continuing violent crime wave and expressed condolences to the mothers and families of young men who continue to lose their lives at an unprecedented rate.

But he said blaming the police has been a consistent government narrative in public responses to crime.

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Fedee acknowledged that the police must be held accountable as the agency responsible for law enforcement.

Nevertheless, he asserted that this does not remove the policymakers’ obligation to support the police while providing leadership.

According to Fedee, policymakers are responsible for formulating policies whether on the economy, national security, education, or health.

He also took issue with Prime Minister Pierre’s declaration to reporters on Monday that ‘the sky is not falling’.

“This is a very difficult time for our country and I want to place on record that we do disagree with the Honourable Prime Minister. The sky is falling.”

“I don’t know whether it is because he has a very detailed number of bodyguards around him that he has lost touch with what is happening and the anxiety and the sheer fear that we feel and the sheer feeling of bring unsafe by us when we go to our beaches, when we go shopping in the City centre and when we visit various communities,’ the former Minister told the news conference.

And he declared that there are no longer any ‘hot spots’ for crime since nobody is safe.

“We can be anywhere in Saint Lucia and our lives are constantly at risk,” Fedee explained.



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  1. Lucians need to start thinking out of the box. We are desperate need of a plan to fight crime and that is expected of our leaders. Does it matter who is requesting such a plan from the Prime Minister. We cannot get anywhere if we paly politics with some serious issues. We should all be singing the same tune right now – the bad boys have taken over and we recently saw it in a video clip where an idiot asaulted a police. Are we that stupid to play politics with such behavoir – Come on, lucians are better than that. We need some controls in place to mitigate the rising crimes in SLU. The prime Minister works for us. Do not be so stupid to allow politics play with our safety in SLU. Feedee, please keep making the request on our behave – Thank You.

    • ……..and he should also DEMAND the same from HIS LAPO LEADER, but we all know (1) that will never happen and (2) Chastanet is clueless when it comes to fighting crime…the word does no exist in his vocabulary far less, just like Patois (Patwah). It’s like a game of Jeopardy for him, he only select and bellows on topics he knows, except for that word. Of course The PM works for us, and is The Minister of National Security; the police cannot stop crime and neither can the PM. The systemic decay of the moral principles, combine with evilness of man are the driving force behind crime, and the only one who can stop is God.

  2. Eh eh missay they send Black Bawy Fedee of all people The Absolute Shame Of It……The United Worthless Party send Black Bawy Federal to chat about crime instead of THEIR HEAD DONKEY 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴 heee hawww this is an all time low for them and just simply bolster my point EVEN MORE that Allen Michael Chastanet has no clue what/how/ what it is the number two quality of life issue that is affecting St Lucian’s, the man is clueless. Poor Jab Pierre, AT LEAST you trying , missay they send Black Bawy Federal of all people weh, weh, weh.

  3. HN ,Mr Fedee statement is just what it is Nothing.
    The administration he represents never articulated a crime plan when it was last in office. However the curfew hours under Covid contributed to the low numbers.
    A e cannot be satisfied that the police is doing enough , the pice patrols have been absent , calls to police control to report gun shots have gone unattended, road blocks and searches at nights are nonexistent and the list could go on.
    The police are more interested in parking tickets and insurance and license checks.

    The police has lost the trust and respect of the majority of the population. It would be helpful if a survey would be conducted in that regard.

    I believe that the role of government is to ensure the best person is selected to head the police force, to ensure the proper enforceable legislation are passed giving the magistrates and judges less discretion, and providing the resources required for crime fighting.

  4. Fedee has every right to query about a crime plan. A plan should have been partially drafted by Labor even before elections day last year. Rampant crime has been an ongoing issue for years; and a source of tremendous stress to the public.

    The problem with Fedee is that he is shameless. Even a child can see through his ploy. He is playing an infantile game. Imagine, this guy and his motley crew sat in office for 5 years and never saw it fit to address the crime problem. Suddenly, he is trying to pass as someone who cares.

  5. From reading your comments so far it’s Cristal clear Mr.Fedee is not your cup of tea as you know there is many issues affecting the country right now despite your political affiliation do you think the current administration has shown the St Lucian people a concrete plan as to how they will tackle the crime problem ?

  6. When He was The Minister of Tourism He had No time to speak and take Care of his Constituancy. B—.Was his first name .Well he will have to Complain for abouf 20More years because Slp will Be in for a Very long time

  7. I don’t know the prime ministers past or present. However, individuals in society living in St. Lucia with guidance from parents and or care givers are ultimately responsible for their own adult actions.
    —If an individual decides against education (does not want to go to school) and wants to remain an ignorant, uneducated good for nothing it’s their fault not the government. Stop taking issue with those who decided to go to school.
    —if parents do not rear their children in the correct manner and in addition partakes of their ill gotten gains which by the way they did not work for–the “good boy syndrome”
    it’s their fault not the government
    —if individuals chose to be envious of others, evil and wicked and want to reap where they did not sow
    it’s their fault not the government
    Stop blaming the government for adult behavior – people make a decision whether they want to do wrong or right. However, folk need to understand that choices have consequences.
    Most St. Lucians will not survive outside of St. Lucia for 5 minutes due to their inability to respect laws, order, rules, policies and regulations.

  8. Fedee why do you have to talk now? You and you crew were in office for 5 years, all you did was to borrow 863 million dollars which cannot be accounted for. So why do you have to talk now


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