Fedee: ‘We Are Not Saying Close The Borders’

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Former Chairman of Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 Command Centre, Dominic Fedee, asserting that the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) believes the COVID-19 situation here has reached ‘uncontrollable crisis proportions’, disclosed Thursday that the party intends to register its concerns in an official letter to the government.

“We need to come together which is why we are not saying ‘Close the borders’ because that does not make sense. It scores political points to tell people close the borders but we are cognisant of the fact that there are 8,000 people that are there. This is why we are not saying we should end the state of emergency. We are pretty consistent. While we were in government we held those positions – now we are opposition we are also holding those positions and we have resisted the temptation to come to the people and make reckless statements just for political gain,” the former Tourism Minister told reporters.

He explained that he and other UWP officials have not stopped admonishing members of the public to follow the protocols and to get vaccinated.

However, Fedee noted that unfortunately there’s still a lot of vaccine hesitancy.

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“We are very concerned like most of Saint Lucia that the government is mishandling this COVID-19 crisis and I think that is important to be said because the labour party had a lot of know-how and they had all the expertise and all the ideas while they were in opposition and so now we are saying ‘Now you are in government implement those same ideas’.”

According to Fedee, the COVID-19 pandemic is moving at  lightning speed and the government needs to move even faster, failing which Saint Lucia will be facing dire consequences.

“Christmas is also coming up. We are now about three months away from the busy Christmas season when a number of our returning nationals are going to be coming home from COVID hotspots,” the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP observed.

“So if we are not planning ahead of time what is going to happen is that we will compound an already difficult situation so we have to move fast. Already hotels are getting cancellations. Now, they’re not major cancellations, but we are starting to see cancellations which really are an indication that people are starting to lose confidence in our destination,” the former Tourism Minister said.

“Really, we have to get this right. If we don’t get this right, then I believe a lot of the gains that we have made in rebuilding our economy, in flattening the curve of this pandemic – all of that would be in a very precarious position,” Fedee told reporters.

Headline photo: Dominic Fedee (Stock image)

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