Thursday, September 29, 2022

Felix Criticises Government Over Lack Of Comprehensive Anti-Crime Plan

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Choiseul-Saltibus MP Bradley Felix has asserted that a national conversation and strategy on crime have become crucial to solving what he described as “this chronic social ill” while lamenting the absence of a comprehensive government anti-crime initiative.

Declaring that he was not there to politicise crime, the former Commerce Minister stressed the need for leadership at every level.

But he explained that the political leaders must take the lead and chart the strategic path forward by creating the enabling environment.

However, Felix said he was disappointed that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government has failed to articulate a comprehensive crime plan after nine months in office.

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“Passing the buck is not good enough,” the former Minister told a Thursday news conference of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

“Yes, the police can do more, but the government must lead,” he stated.

Felix recalled that on assuming office after the July 26, 2021, general elections, the Philip J. Pierre administration’s “first course of action” was expunging records.

The SLP had announced that it would delete the records of all persons arrested, charged, and convicted of COVID-19 protocol breaches.

“They sent the wrong signal to our community and gave the impression that the society was on its way to becoming a lawless state, one void of respect for law and order. In the view of the public, the government expunging the records of its friends,” Felix declared.

He however made it clear that he is all for expunging the record of petty crimes.

But Felix said it must be part of a broader, holistic plan that does not give the impression that laws can be broken.

“For us to successfully deal with crime, urgent economic interventions must be made in impoverished inner City and rural communities where many young men feel left behind by the advancement of others,” the MP noted.

He explained that the absence of such initiatives will continue to give relevance to gangs, drug trafficking and other means of survival.

Felix therefore urged the government to implement certain measures.

They included providing support to complement the fiscal incentives of the former UWP administration, legislation that would discourage people from committing crime and more anger management education.


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  1. ☹️🤔🤭😃
    For day by day we walk in deep shadows among the strong,and fly away like clouds,as we raised our voices like trumpet,the truth is never to be found.
    For the way of peace we do not know, there is no justice in our paths, no one pleads with integrity for delivrance which is very far away.
    As we continue to rely on empty arguments and speaks out wind and conceive trouble ending in strife-
    As though,we are a nation who does what is right and better than the other !
    And seem eager for God to come near us to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yôke and to set free the oppresse !

    May you govern with liberation !
    The Lord will guide you and strengthen your frame-
    To rebuild the ancient ruins and raise the age-old foundation !!

  2. AA, Bradly can think? He sat in Government for 5+ years and said nothing, I swear he was brain dead. It’s a miracle.

  3. Oh, my Lucian brothers, you still fighting the last elections and some of you fail to see anything beyond UWP & SLP; how sad but its not altogether your faults. The spiritual blindness have darkened your understanding of what is going on, not only in little St. Lucia, but over the world. We are living in an age that the impossible may and will happen, unawares to many, sadly, to the ones ruling over you, and you will be trapped.
    This ‘Darkness’ will come, if not already, and will linger long before the ‘Light’ the true light that is, comes…..St. John 10:10 – The thief comes to steal, to kill & to destroy.
    However, He who is soon to come, come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.
    St. Lucia is too small a Country that we should fight each other; don’t be controled by Evil

  4. Eh eh what is this ??? I rolling on the ground since yesterday when Lapo Francis open his ass, now it’s Hair Club for Men Bradly, what wrong with yu’ll is now yu’ll have mouth to talk about crime ? Man shut your mouth and go play with your vane self in the mirror ( a few strands are out of place) I fall back and let the people speak because all of St Lucia knows FOR A FACT THE UNITED WORTHLESS PARTY TRADEMARK WAS BEEN SOFT ON CRIME. I hope they will have a by election soon because them two seats are gone , so chat all you want the clock is ticking.

  5. You can’t expect criminals to police themselves and neither should the stupid lucian public who voted them in! we are in for a rough ride the next few years.

  6. Political posturing. The escalation of violent crimes started under the UWP administration and you were silent. It was a good thing to clear the record of offenders for covid protocol violations I am calling for draconian measures against illegal gun possession.

  7. Here is what i expected and what i never expected from you Sir!
    I expect you to invite this current admin to a dialogue on cross-party measures to address the situation being the “good” politician that you are/were!

    I never expected you to just come out and criticize like Hermangild and Chas!

    Disappointed Sir

  8. A wife beater a kidnapper among your ranks and you the spider washed out Francis got hit for six teething guy and Jeannine who got the heavy roller speak on crime. SANS HONTE!!!

  9. Yall can’t see thats a UWP m.o. All these crabs crawling out of their holes to beat their hypocritical flaps after they failed so miserably that they were sent packing in a 15-2 defeat. Who are the barking dogs now?

  10. Poor Jab Bradley, were you in government from 2016 to 2021? Tell the nation one thing you and the wives batterer did to eliminate the crime situation.
    Bradley please don’t talk about crime, which minister was the kidnapper again?
    The uwp did too many crimes against the nation

  11. Wow…. such hypocrisy…I never heard the leader of the opposition address crime not even once…I have heard the current administration in less than one year make commitments to addressing the issue… even to the extent of providing resources way more than the last administration….please let’s not politicise this serious issue…you politicians sound stupid….you would think that the opposition would understand that St. Lucians are more educated…even those in the ghettos…be a strong opposition and make sensible contributions or criticisms.

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