Felix Finisterre Temporarily Appointed Deputy To The Governor-General

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Acting Governor General His Excellency Cyril E.M. Charles will attend the Platinum Jubilee
Celebrations of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second at Buckingham Palace. H.E Charles is scheduled to leave Saint Lucia on Friday, May 27th, and return on Thursday, June 9th, 2022.

Mr. Felix Finisterre has been appointed as Deputy to the Governor-General in the absence of his H.E. Charles.

Mr. Finisterre served as Minister for Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities from 2000 to 2006.

He has also been active in serving on various boards, including the Saint Lucia National Trust, the UNDP Global Environmental Fund (GEF) Small Grants Project, and the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI).

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Mr. Finisterre’s appointment as Deputy to the Governor-General will be for the period May 27th to June 9th, 2022.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. The people in the Southern Quarter of the Island deserve better treatment. We are instead spending money to please a lot of dead beats. The two guys who are holding up that construction is King cobra & the Baron; motivated by vindictiveness, hatred, jealousy, Racism & a vendetta, all boiled down to:- a demon of hate.(Father God remember St. Lucia and its people, don’t destroy us, but help us all; but hate aside.)

  2. Zero Tolerance !!
    The School administration should not accept or tolerate wrong when destruction and violent are before them, and must take heed or précautions, because they are called REBELLS (rebellious) from birth.
    Teaching is a light,and correction of discipline is the way of life.

  3. I call B S on this nonsense. Pearlette never had a deputy when she was out. This is just a way to give a morsel to a leech who feels that he has not been compensated enough for his contribution to de party. After all Clack clack and wife was never a candidate, never took one for the team but they are having a great time at George Charles’ party expense…..a man who died a pauper btw, so why shouldn’t Fini get a share? More leeches are coming forward to claim that is why those who did the hard work need to take a back seat. Look what labour do me after all my hard work. Never again

  4. The sort of errors that rising from a goverment is neither one can do or accuse the other, when put in high position or when lack of sense…..
    But GOD,can brighten a man’s face and change it’s hard Character or appearence which can lay great errors to rest.
    “Adding one thing to another to discover the schemes of things-
    GOD :
    I found one (upright man among a thousand, ‘but not one (upright) woman among us all.
    This only I have found ;
    God made mankind upright,
    but men have gone in search of many schemes.

    • Tet….you are missing the point here. Why cant a youth or even someone under 50 be appointed to this post if you say it’s only for 2 weeks. Just imagine how far a young person could reach with those two weeks printed on his or her resume. Hope you get it in your head tet!

  5. SLT you said duplicate comment detected, that I have already posted the comment but it is not published.

  6. I would hate to say I saw that coming but I did. God is Love, you have two, I have a few. Let me say I expressed my reservations with PJP leadership style from the campaign and I was vehemently opposed to the Choiseul candidate from day one. I know her personally and he dirty character so what St Lucia and the education system will get from her and Shawn will destroy our generations to come. Then we have DE BOY from Micoud North. Everytime I hear this guy I wonder why Micoud North went that way. Well let’s see who the next leech that will crawl out to enjoy the pie that we are being deprived of.

  7. I wish some St Lucians would read and understand before the venture to malign and make statements. The gentle will serve as DEPUTY TO the Governor General. The GG is out of state for a period of 15 days. In his absence the Deputy TO the GG will stand in. That’s all. Whether you support any party or not this does not make anyone corrupt. Please read what the constitutions says about this position. Mc Donald Dixon has served as Deputy To the GG. Under the last Administration they went against the constitution and Appointed a Deputy GG and not a Deputy To the GG. in the person of Mr. St Jour. No one was called corrupt then. Does it mean that because Mr Finisterre has served under a previous SLP that he should be shunned? We are all St Lucians and we need to change our thinking on the way we conduct ourselves and how we encourage nastiness in favour of any political party.

  8. I’m BORN LABOUR & I’ll put right where right is due, this appointment NOT GOOD PERIOD.
    Da man AIN’T a PEOPLE PERSON. I worked with DA MAN & Missyea used to pass his staff & not greet them.

  9. The two that I am mostly disappointed in are: Phillip Pierre. I boasted so much about this little black boy. Thought he would be our best prime minister. In my mind he was compassionate, unbiass, for the people. What a joke the laugh is on me. The other is the choiseul mp. Thought that for the first time choiseul was getting a woman mp. Thought women were more caring, sensitive, loving another home on me. The choiseul mp is selfish. For herself, a user . Boy we sure have been fooled and blinded to have ever though these people would bring change. Change begins with you and if you cannot help bring the change do you expect the people too. Your words without action is nothing. I hate lies, greed, dishonesty , selfish pride in all its form and that is my opinion of you guys now. I don’t have a problem with the deputy Governor General and it’s ok to bring him in but the truth is pip is bringing all his big boys in to work and forgetting about our youth those who did all the dirty work on the ground during campaigning. Believe me just like I have waken up to see who you guys really are my prayer is that all stlucia see who you guys really are. I think Pjp wanted to exit the political arena at the highest level and not because he wanted to be pm to help bring changes about. Doctor A tho y did a good job in staying away. I applaude you doc for you knew them better than we did. Pjp we need you to work to bring healing to stlucia and make it a better place for you and for me. Peace and love

    • I agree……..extremely disappointed in Pip. Some people no matter how long ago they served seem to have a continuous place at the table to eat and eat and eat…..others are kicked aside and forgotten immediately. Right now there is an ex senator who ran a seat not long ago, forgotten abandoned and it’s as though he does not exist. Struggling with medical issue brought on by the blatant disrespect and neglect of this party. There are others who are constantly putting their necks on the line and forgotten and cast aside because they are seen as nobodies…..they were just used to serve purpose and kicked to the curb. In this elitist SLP some are seen as more worthy than others. Enjoy your 5 years because it’s the last time you will ever see victory in this country. This was a chance to prove yourselves from what your said in your campaign and especially with a home grown just like us we thought we would see better but a house slave can’t change his spots. Little black boy from Marchand with a Cap Estate mentality is the worst thing to happen to this country. Oh how I regret

  10. All are looking for a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to share with everyone. Those who don’t get a piece of the pie, become fool of envy. There is so much selfishness to go around. There is no love for country.

  11. Another leech friend crawls out to enjoy the feast. I’m so done with this elitist government. Same way I campaigned to get you in is the same way I’ll campaign to get you out. Yall need to go.

  12. More and more I regret voting for these elitist s o bs…..here I thought I was voting for a government of equal opportunity under the little brown boy from Marchand but he is showing himself to be worse than the cream master. What a way to show you put people first by appointing your leech friends who lay back just waiting whilst the people you classify as nobodies work in the fields so these bugs can crawl out from under their comfy rocks to feast to their hearts content. I can’t believe I campaigned and voted for this. What an insult to the masses who fought for bread, freedom and justice…. but can’t eat a piece of bread whilst these eat steak and lobster.

  13. I am please with the new appointment for Mr Finisterre as the deputy to the governor general,he deserves it, because he was the one who has helped us to get out of the dark by providing us with the phone which we are using right now, were we can communicate with our friends and family

  14. No wonder they say third world countries/developing countries are the most corrupt. Many keep holding on to power and are not making room for others. All these old political appointees faces have been there in the Kenny administration and Philip keep bringing them back to be the faces of his administration. Many have been voted out and only when their party is in power the resurfaced. It only shows Philip does not have the qualities of a leader and only relies on his old colleagues to help him or bail him out. What a coward that cannot make serious decisions on his own. When will we see new faces that are behind the scenes? Philip could you remove yourself from Kenny’s shadow for us to see a difference please? Same old faces and old ideas. Technology is changing, new information is being introduce everyday. How many gaffers are you going to bring back?

  15. Saint Lucia is the only country in the world where the youth wish they were retirees! Them old heads getting more jobs than all youth combined- Cletus S, Bishnu T, mate etc. Jobs for the Labor boys just like UWP did for theirs. Waiting for no-neck Jimmy F to land his big post soon!

    • Nooks…. Whilst those who put their head out and fought on the ground are forgotten … those who expected the home grown brown boy who came from nothing to understand but instead this home grown now joins the elitist camp and only looks out for his friends in high places and forget the lowly ones who fought for him. I regret o supported Pip for PM.

  16. Félicitation pour Mr FINISTERRE. Felix
    Je lui souhaite un excellent séjour auprès du palais de Buckingham
    Claude de la Martinique


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