Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Felix Says SLP Administration Seems To Have Hit A Brick Wall

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Declaring that people are crying out and complaining over unfulfilled expectations after electing the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) at the July 26, 2021, general elections, Choiseul-Saltibus MP, Bradley Felix, has asserted that it is an indictment on the Philip J. Pierre administration.

“We would have heard while they were in opposition they seem to have had answers to every single situation but now in government, they seem to have hit a brick wall,” Felix told reporters on Tuesday on the sidelines of a sitting of parliament.

While acknowledging the fallout from the war in Ukraine, the former government Minister asserted that had the shoe been on the other foot and the United Workers Party (UWP) been in office, one could imagine the demands that ‘the usual people who make the noise’ would have made.

“We are not hearing anybody. Everybody seems to have gone quiet,” Felix told reporters.

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He expressed concern that everyone seems to be living ‘in some sort of fear’, being hesitant to speak because they might be victimised.

According to Felix, it is a source of concern that after one year in office, the SLP seems to be celebrating.

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  1. Desmond Haynes do you always have to be a blind bat in support of a failed SLP government. You didn’t see anything that was done with the money. Then take a drive down the west coast, go back up the east coast and then head to Gros Islet and you will see that more infrastructural development took place during the period,2016 – 2021 than any other period since the turn of the century. Don’t let Richard blind you with his rum and freeness.

  2. They are celebrating the 863 million dollars Chastanet borrowed and up to now, we cannot see what he did with it. No hospital, no road refurbish, no school refurbishes, no police station, somebody please tell us what Chas did with all this money.
    Sorry I forgot he build 23 islands by El Pirata in Vieux Fort , aha I will go to one of them for a vacation.


  4. The brick wall they found is what the UWP left, no investment project
    The main roads not fixed
    No new works for the younger people
    No protection from the business sector
    The same old talk (foolish talk)
    Missleading the nations
    That huge dets, nothing in place to repaid them
    The disrespect they left on St Lucian

  5. St. Lucians never learn.
    The Labour Party whenever in power ,have been unable to manage the problems of St. Lucia. Why? Because it is in their DNA to critize but they do not have the ability to manage since their mindset is fixed on their own success and wealth creation which comes from gaining political power.
    If you knew John Compton he thought solely about being efficient with the people’s money and advancing the economy and our people. With this mindset he made the right decisions.

    The Labour boys including King and the clown from central are the opposite. None have the skill sets to manage even a bar in Gros Islet. Concerned with only their power and wealth they are no better than Zimbabwian leaders. You cannot expect a giraffe to climb a tree.
    In spending the people’s taxes they are only concerned with the optics and not the result. This was a big issue with Kenny Anthony. Always no follow up on the billions spent. A chronic problem with the SLP.
    Think about it. After decades in power over the past 50 years what are the gains to St. Lucia from the SLP.
    SLP policies on crime – no result.
    SLP policies on inflation – no result.
    SLP policies on the economy – no result.
    SLP policies on efficiency in the civil service – no result.
    SLP policies on GDP growth – no result.
    SLP policies on the murder rate – no result.
    SLP policies on family life and respect for men and women – no result.
    SLP policies on education – no result.
    SLP policies on sports – no result.
    SLP policies on road construction and rehabilation plus driver behaviour on the road network- no result.
    There is nothing we can point to and say that it made sense to vote for these imposters but yet again there they are playing fast and loose with out resourses and the truth..

    Sigh! – 4 more years to go.

  6. SLT keeps doing me that shit. You can post the comment asking to post the previous one but the previous one is never posted. Yet you post that highgrade bull all the time.

  7. What recession are you talking about? The world is actually recovering from the problems brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Russia invasion of Ukraine is actually having very little effect on us in the Caribbean apart from the supply chain of certain commodities, sugar not included. Bradley is correct, Mr Pierre has hit a brick wall because of his stooping to the demands of Richard and King. If you don’t believe me ask Kenny and Alva.

  8. These fools can fool a lot of people a lot of the time but never all for once. The World is on the brink of a recession and there is nothing we can do here to change that. It’s a struggle everywhere.

    • Only fools make excuse people with balls will make it happen neither him pjp or Kenny have solutions because the capitalization of the green gold era has gone investing into a manufacturing nation still do not sit well in those empty skulls we have so the nation must accept the blunt because you only do the thing vote for red or yellow.


  9. Name calling almost to a point of insults … Look at the comments . Lepeords don’t change their spots. They are choking but is so they like it. Some people just like misery. Wish they could have lived on a separate part of st. Lucia where they would require visa to travel. They like nastiness, increase crime, increase taxes, shoddy looking buildings, almost little to no development, ….. Whenever labour come into power, international problems or not, price increase . ( This time they have an excuse.. war in Ukraine..). Now some party hack, please curse insult and use valguarity. I am sure the veins on url neck already bursting to make a response . …mezaire zot amein

    • …at least the shoddy building are real, the development is within “our means” not against development but it’s within our means right now….SLP is not selling St Lucians the dreams of been a Dubai and willing to sell our first born to achieve that “JUST FOR SOME” with the “BELIEF” of Allen Chastanet Economics 101 of Investment without Dividend, build it and they will come and St Lucians will enjoy the bread crumbs from the trickle economics, please St Lucians not stupid anymore.

  10. I too have been let down by this government. Ive asked, pleaded with my Felix to help. He’s passed on my concerns and fears to the person/person’s responsible and asked them on several occasions to contact me……….NOTHING they don’t want to know.
    I would love to be the PM (white and a woman) and kick ass for the small people of this beautiful island and not for the politicians who don’t give a damn about you all.

  11. Bradley they all wanted the position to be in government. They thought that they were god almighty and once they came in all problems would be solved. The were delusional and they fool the gullible ones. Now all their ideas are not working and they only come up with vague explanations, blame the previous administrations for not accumulating money for them to do their projects as if their projects are the better ones, blaming Covid when the level of Covid is low but their current actions is leading to another wave, blaming Ukraine and Russia war, blaming supply chains and logistics issues, blaming the people but they are not blaming themselves for not having intelligent people in their camp and have vision enough to deal with the situation. They only have recycle old heads that cannot keep up with the changing world and arrogant rookies.

  12. The people were crying out more when u all sold donkey beach and secret beach and thankfully this govt regained access and will continue to oversee their word about that! This is the first we are hearing from u in a year, where guy Joseph and all the rest they still vacationing off island a year later!? Smph

  13. A brick wall indeed. When crime gets high, more vehicles, when inflation hit, 6% reduction on price control items, gun control, they want a board to decide who gets a legal gun, as if legal guns are involved in crimes. We expected different from Masa, but instead we got useless house slaves, both serving the same master or deceptions. And now they celebrating….what a bunch of buffoons.

  14. Listen to this Blasted Clown…..the most VANE politician in St Lucia’s History, who walks around with a comb and mirror in his back pocket. The Most Honorable PJP came into office at a very turbulent time during a pandemic and almost on the brink of a world war…sometimes I wish the election was yesterday because Bradley and the rest of clowns would have been getting pure licks by St Lucians up to yesterday for the state of affairs the country would be in right now. All these Yellow Clowns can do is talk about what they would have done different, the fact of the matter they left this country broke/broken and GOD FORBID they should come back in office tomorrow it would be the same borrowing and spending more than our GDP/GNP like St Lucia has oil, or fine minerals and diamonds coming out our ass. We are A VERY HEAVILY DEPENDANT SMALL TOURIST BASED ECONOMY, we have NO NATURAL RESOURSES and you cant LEVERAGE or TRADE WITH NOTHING all you can do is become A BEGGER; how much times are they willing to sell our souls and birth wright for a dollar and a dream and that’s what they would do or keep doing, UWP is not a party for the poor, they are a party of false hopes and dreams. The people need to Ban their bellies and stop been fooled by these Clowns with their quick fixes, how much more of THEIR DEBT the working poor of this country must we carry. As for Bradly self, go look at his constituency…..the people tired of him HE BARELY ESCAPE REMEBER THAT it was no landslide for him. I hope when the time is right Most Honorable PJP will call a by election and him and that Yellow Big Bird will be sent back to Sesame Street where they belong.

    • Your comment would have taken 3 pages, it still wouldn’t make sense as usual. Bradely is on point and have you writing crap.

      • …on point with what ?? GO LOOK AT HIS CONSTITUENCY BEFORE YOU CHAT. During UWP Reign of Terror he did nothing to uplift the people of Choiseul and Saltibus he tried a ting with that hotel project but we all remember how that went……you should go up there place same way (choops) HE IS DONE this is last term in office remember Highgrade told you that the people are tired of him, he has a few supporters up there that was able to edge him out in the last election but I don’t think so the next time around……. THE MAN DON”T EVEN THERE, it’s not cosmopolitan enough for him, now and then he shows up his ugly looking turtle head..

  15. Hold on to Jesus, for he will never leave us not forsake us.
    He knows our burden and trials and every weeping eye 😢.
    And one day GOD will hold them ⚖️countable.

  16. What exactly can they celebrate? Those guys are f##king clueless. They hit a brick wall indeed. Poor Saint Lucia. We are all on a sinking ship.

  17. What exactly can they celebrate? Those guys are f@#king clueless. They hit a brick wall indeed. Poor Saint Lucia. We are all on a sinking ship.


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