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Updated on June 5, 2020 8:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 8:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 8:29 pm

Female Correctional Officer Shot On Way To Work

A female Correctional Officer in uniform was shot on her way to work Thursday morning after 7.00 a.m., multiple sources have confirmed.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the incident occurred near the Vieux Fort Square.

The female Correctional Officer was walking towards a pick up point, when a lone gunman alighted from a vehicle that was following her and opened fire, reliable sources told St Lucia Times.

Th woman, described as a young officer, is said to have been hit in the leg.

She was conveyed to hospital via ambulance, according to reports.

More details later.


  1. Great! So law enforcement officers are now targets. See what happens when you don’t pull out a weed when it has just sprouted? It becomes uncontrollable and takes over the entire yard. St. Lucia is doomed and the criminals have one. Just one bit of advice to them: target the rich people instead. They actually have money, bigger TVs and better cars. It will make your efforts worth it.

      • You just outed yourself as a uwp hack because the person was just venting out their frustration with crime. You(Bob) instantly took it as criticism of the UWP administration so he/she must be a slp supporter right? You are projecting, the current government is failing to live up to their election promises of improving the crime situation and just accept it.

      • No! There is nothing to indication that “Leave while you can” is SLP. I think she/he is on-point. The shooter probably was a sprouting weed during the SLP reign. What I do not agree with is the name weed. These individual could have been different if they were exposed to more positive society. Maybe they would have been a weed with a beautiful flower. i have always predicted that the neglect of VFort youth by our Member of Parliament and Prime Minister had to eventually manifest. It is happening now.

      • Bob, you revealing the second part of the plot now. Part 1 – the shooter shoots. Part 2 – Bob blames slp.

    • You are ignorant. Never heard such stupidity and ignorance being spewed from a useless hole such as yours.


      Some utterances speak to ‘…Illiteracy and sheer Stupidity.’

      Appropriate responses by ‘…West Side and Jojo.’

    • why do St. Lucia Times let stuff like this be shown here you guys are getting like St. Lucia News Online smh

  2. Kenny could not do it, that is to keep St Lucia safe, now Chastanet is doing it. You hear safety well that is safety.
    Mary Francis tell us what to do. By the way is Mary related to Hermangild? Only asking.
    Criminals attack the politicians now.

  3. Politics politics politics as anyone stop to think she might have been a target the article did state she was been followed. Might be a vendetta or a domestic dispute this was not a random act so get off the politics BS.

  4. How is it possible that the current government or any government that was or will be in power solve crime. The same set of things the thief the gunman the richman and many different classes of men want, the men who forming the government body also want it to. It is written put not your trust in the arms of flesh it shall surly fail you. Believe in God the thing we want he don’t want them . So he is not the best but the right government that will put an end to crime.

  5. Who are the rich and where do they live … I am not a criminal … I am just curious

  6. This just means one thing don’t Treat the inmates badly cause guess what they gone come out one day and the streets has no cell to protect you

  7. “Leave while u can ” “bob” and “paul” u three sound like the same person
    All i hve to say is the likes of u r evidence / proof that st lucians hve the second lowest IQ in the world.
    The gunman may hve been a flambo dog.

    • Kernisha, I like that. When I read Bob’s comment I thought that both Bob and the shooter belong to the same uwp constituency group and so Bob is quickly trying to pin the flambeau friend’s acts on the slp.

  8. Poor lady; hope you have a hint of who did it?! Mary, where are you now? Kenny, Hermanguil, Chas and the rest of the bunch, where are you all ? What are you doing about your criminals? Are you only concern about new projects only? What’s about the protection of the people of this Lucia land?

  9. Go to the store and get two reaview mirror place them on you’ll shoulders and watch you’ll a** and stop blaming government there’s nothing government can do to save your a** government is only a few men are wemen in charge of doing things for the country they themselves have to watch their a** also stop blaming cretisizing complaining condemning stop bursting doors that are already opened to kill those that are already Dead. Save your own a**.

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