Female Martial Artist Gives Rio Robber A Bloody Surprise

A robber who tried to steal a cellphone from a young woman in Rio de Janeiro learned the hard way that mugging a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who goes by the nickname “the Iron Lady” is not an excellent idea, AFP has reported.

Polyana Viana, an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight, told  the sports website, MMA Junkie, that she brought the hapless perp down with two punches and a kick and held him in a “rear-naked choke” before making him sit and wait for the police.

The attempted crime happened late last Saturday as Viana, 27, was waiting for an Uber outside her apartment block. She said the man told her he had a gun but she surmised it probably wasn’t real and in any case “he won’t have time to draw it” before she went into action.

After subduing the assailant she discovered the weapon was in fact a cardboard replica of a pistol.

Viana posted images of the would-be robber, looking dejected and bruised, with blood on his sleeveless shirt and on a hand, as she kept his arm in a “kimura-like position” until the police arrived.


  1. Well St.lucia times don’t start being lazy like SNO,at least do research & find the pic of the lady & would be thief to show us uh if it’s out there.So now I have to read y’all story & go look for the pic if I have too.

    Now I will get comments from supporting this type of lazy journalism telling me to move from there & bla bla bla the lucian way.

  2. You’re right,Clint. This really is lazy journalism. In addition,what purpose does this story as well as others really serve? Seems like ‘an pasan’…

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