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Updated on May 30, 2020 2:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 2:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 2:20 am

Female Patient Says She Was Robbed While Asleep At Victoria Hospital

A Desruisseaux resident  who said she is a patient at Victoria Hospital,has reported being robbed of valuables while she she took a nap in the medical ward of the institution Wednesday afternoon.

Victoria Hospital officials have confirmed that they are investigating the matter.

Stella Joseph told St Lucia Times that the matter was reported to hospital authorities and the  police.

Joseph, who explained that she was admitted earlier this week, said she was taking a nap about 4.00 p.m.

“Around 4:15 I got up, looking around I noticed that my bag was opened and I quickly looked in and realised that my wallet was gone,” she said.

She disclosed that she is in a room with four other patients who were also napping at the time.

“Nobody knows if anybody went in or out of the room,” Joseph told St Lucia Times.

She said she made a report to hospital authorities.

“They came into the ward. They had a shutdown where they searched the patients who were there – mostly elderly woman who are not able to move or do anything much. They had a search. They had them leave the room and and they searched. They didn’t find anything,” Joseph said.

She revealed that a report was also made to the police.

According to Joseph, she had $600 in her bag to pay for her medication.

“All my bank cards are in there. I also had two driver’s licenses in there – one from the Bahamas and one from Saint Lucia,” she said.


  1. This happened to me when I had my baby, I believe it was another patient, they took all my money. DIdnt report as I know nothing would be done. Too many people in and out and as it was cash how can you prove it?

  2. That is nonsense..I also recalled when I was admitted at the hospital in a ward with pregnant women during visiting hours my cell phone was stolen….I just went to the washroom to come back…a patient says she saw who took the phone…but she never confronted her friend…

  3. This is serious….I could recall thati was a patient there and during visiting hours a visitor stole my phone under my pillow..there should be more security guards in the wards….keep the patients safe…

  4. It time this reach on news, not now hospital staff stealing people’s valuables when they are ill and in bed, bastards. Sometimes they take it away for your own good but when to obtain it back its a problem.

  5. ive heard alot of allegations about that theft thing.i believe some of the staffs play they part as may not be all the staffs but definitely some.they need to investigate these people.

  6. So very sad..I hope that she gets the cards and everything back. ..there should be cameras in every room..I recalled when I was admitted at maternity in the previous st judes hospital I went to the bathroom whilst my baby was sleeping. . When i came back and opened my back I saw most of the baby stuff was missing but nobody knew where it went’s time something be done

  7. Ward 9 has some of the nicest nurses ,don’t be quick to call the staff ,thieves ,it could of being a visitor pretending to be good

  8. This happened 2 yrs ago while I was admitted at VH Maternity ward. One of the patients boyfriend stole another patients phone and hid it in a pkt of pampers…there was a shut down as well and it was retrieved from their possession…there was also a situation where someone or people went into the the lunch room and took stuff that the staff had placed in the fridge for the patients…Solution: 1.Leave valuable belongings at home or with someone you trust…It’s just so hilarious when you see people coming to the hospital with a huge “grip” lol; you don’t need your whole closet and dresser smh…some of the expecting moms come with one for them and one for the baby…lmao
    2. Allow visitors on the wards ONLY during visiting hours or if someone is just dropping off something for their loved one/ friend before or after visiting hours( there are genuine cases where people are not able to make it during the visiting hrs) they should be escorted by security because they are also not always honest when they say that they are just dropping off or collecting something QUICKLY.

  9. This is really sick and messy….thieves in the hospital. The hospital can’t afford lockers at least …have the patients purchase combination locks. It’s a crying shame

  10. This is sickening. People go to the hospital to get better and leave feeling violated. One usually goes to the hospital to feel better and not to get out feeling despondent because some a…hole has taken advantage of them. We need to leave this up to karma, for those who partake of such usually behavior tend to fall much harder than the damage done to those harmless individuals

  11. Imagine the nurses or rather should I say a staff member stole one pamper of mine i raged hell they had to bring it back hear the bitch of a nurse look your old pamper as she sent it towards me this happened two years ago when I had my daughter at VH someone told me everything I go there with count them first that’s how I was able to know it was missing imagine 1. 1 pamper you ka voleh so the staff is just as guilty smh

  12. Imagine this happened to me whilst I was in the room scared as hell the nurse is trying to hear my baby’s heartbeat beat terrified as I was just imagine some staff member went intoy belongings and stole one pamper (disposable diaper) because it was left in their care after doing all the necessaries they are wheeling me out and asking me to get my baby’s stuff before taking me to the theater I raged hell that’s when a nurse came and threw the pamper in my direction saying (look your old pamper) my sister told me to check my stuff know all what I bringing cause they steal alot at VH so this is not a present situation this has been going on for eons something needs to be done imagine smdh llamo 1.. see where I’m coming from the staff are just as giulty they need to search them too after all they go in and out of the room more than anyone else

  13. The staff are just as guilty they stole one pamper my stuff was in their possession whist I was terrified for both my child’s life and mine they could not find her heart beat whilst they we’re wheeling me back and forth finally I was about to go to the theater they asked me to get my stuff that’s when I noticed it was missing because something just didn’t feel right imagine whilst I was terrified for my baby’s life and mine this is what was going on this happened to me two years ago at VH so it’s not only the patients or visitors the staff are just as guilty imagine one pamper this is not a present situation this has been ongoing for eons it is time the authourities address the situation and do a thorough investigation incidencies like this has been going on for far too long

  14. People using these entities, private or public, the army or the work place or any where for that matter, where 2 or more people frequent, should be precocious , where valuable items are concern , that includes money.
    so victims, you only have yourselves to blame; better luck next time!

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