Ferdinand Laments ‘No Clear Policy On Education’

Opposition Senator, Guibion Ferdinand, has suggested that government borrowing is mainly for ‘concrete and steel’ or consultancy.

“Unfortunately I haven’t seen anything to inspire our young people along the lines of their own personal development, especially in education” Ferdinand told reporters his week.

“I have said it before that there is no clear policy on education in this country,” he recalled.

According to the Saint Lucia Labour (SLP) Senator, the Allen Chastanet administration has been in power for some two and a half years.

“We are yet to see or hear of any steps in that direction,” he declared.

“I am not sure in the next academic year – I heard about ten million dollars being spent on the repair of schools, so I look forward to that,” he said.

He mentioned Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, the Babonneau Secondary School, the Micoud Secondary School and several other schools which he contended have basically been ‘abandoned’.

“When I say abandoned, I mean certain sections and there are lots of problems with the structures,” he stated

Ferdinand said that apart from the repairs, in terms of policies  and programmes for education and programmes for academic and technical areas, he had not heard one policy statement.



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