Fifteen Year Old Reported Missing

Saint Lucia police have issued an appeal to members of the public for help in locating a fifteen year old female who has been reported missing.

The teenager has been identified as Nickia St Cair of Babonneau.

The police said she was reported missing as of November 27, 2018.

A relative old St Lucia Times that the fifteen year old had been seen standing by Dilly’s Supermarket one morning when she was supposed to have been at school and was instructed by her mother to go home.

It is reported that the Babonneau Secondary School student returned home and told others that she did not want to attend school, but gave no reason.

She later left with two school bags and two plastic bags packed with some belongings and has not been seen since, a relative explained.

Persons with information about her whereabouts have been asked to contact the Babonneau police station at telephone number: 456-4120.

St Lucia Times was informed that it is the first time that Nickia St Cair has been reported missing.


  1. Well she packed her clothes to go, then she not missing. Some adult is sheltering her for the past week. But that would not last long. How long can she stay inside as a teenager.

  2. I really think the two people that wrote the first 2 comments should really think about what you wrote
    The ignorance of you is disgusting and disrespectful i truly hope you have no children i can only imagine how you talk about them . Maby next time writesomething nice . I TRULEY HOPE THAT THIS GIRL IS FOUND SAFE AND SOUND AND UNHARMED. GOD BLESS

  3. Whether she packed her bags or not, at 15 she is still a child and should not be spoken about in this way. Why do Lucian’s have such wicked tongues? Chuuupppppppsss

  4. I cannot understand all the negativity a child is missing lord help the parent.what happen to when your nabour house on fire water your lucians forgetting that.

  5. I do hope that is found safe and sound, ask her if she is ok… Make sure she is not hurt, then arrest her backside.. Its time that officers charge them these girls for their nonsense . The limited resources the police have to catch criminals, they have to use it to find young girls who willingly leave their parents house just because they don’t want to abide by thier parents rules.. Beat her backside for her.. I’m just saying.

  6. Omg people this is serious when someone goes missing their gone without others knowing of their where about please people help a mother relocate her young one in good health its a cry for help let’s work together and bring this young girl back home I’m crying out loud if anyone know of where she is please tell the police or a friend my god this mother need ur help

  7. If you cant treat your own daughter properly? this is what you get.Cut your veins ,screeam and shout.Work in unison with all that live in your habitat,be open talk it all,be honest,no secrets lots of attention and love.

  8. Seriously people, when a child is missing it’s usually a cry for help. They may not feel like they are able to speak about what’s happening to them. Please people think about your own children. Think about what you write and say about others. Because we truly do not know what’s around the corner for us.

  9. (Not a joke but) She’s either in trouble .. took some Cork the first couple of days or really stressed out staying by a trust worthy friend .. Babonneau isnt a easy school to attend kmsl
    Frm the TEACHERS to the Students full of drama and can make a child’s 5 years a living Nightmare with the Uniform/Skinnypants/Hairstyle/Attitude which ever problem, long story short they’re really PETTY (like most ST.LUCIANS lol)

  10. The thing is.. I agree that we shouldn’t degrade humans.. But I am saying if be the case that she actually packed her bags.. Didn’t bother to tell anyone where she was going.. If that be the case.. She has displayed an act of rudeness and disobedience to her parents and neighbors, all because her mother told her something? Are you serious people? Some of us what to be too much like the Americans and their policies concerning children
    . where children are now either killing their parents or divorcing their parents in courts because they don’t like parental rules.. I we continue to allow our children to behave as though they are in control, then our country is in deep shit.. I am not saying that they should not look for her.. But I she did exactly what a lot of persons are saying in this forum then they should make an example of her.. If you look around you.. This behavior is becoming the norm.

  11. The person go n take her man and I’ll burst my brains on her…my girl enjoy yourself when u think you’ve had enough go back home to mummy n ask for forgiveness

  12. No one knows what’s happened to this 15 year old girl. How would those posting negative things feel if it’s discovered that she was abducted and killed. We don’t know. Sure she could have run away, could be bullied at school, she’s the only one who knows. So until then, let’s just hope and pray that she is found alive and safe.

  13. Little girl if you are reading this at least post a little word to let your family and the people who love you know that you are alright. I know that life can be tough sometimes when you are fifteen and you feel you need to get away but you need to be a little more responsible and at least leave a note to state your position and let your loved ones know that you’re not ‘missing or no harm has come to you. You have just made a choice to take some time off for your self.

  14. People on here say what they want and they think. I know that child and she gets everything she needs. There no damn reason she would runaway because they mistreat her. That can child can just be following friends or don’t want to listen to her parents. Because in the first place they send you school so what you doing in town.

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