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Final Phase Of Sandals To Choc Road Widening Project

Press Release:-  The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy informs the motoring and pedestrian public of the start of the second and final phase of the Sandals to Choc Road Widening Project on Saturday November 23, 2019.  These finishing works which include Milling and Asphalting are schedule to be complete in eight days.

All works will be undertaken between 10pm and 6am in an effort to minimize public inconvenience. 

Motorists are informed that there will be temporary diversion of vehicular traffic only during construction hours.

The Northbound Lane from Friendship Inn to Choc Roundabout will be closed to normal traffic. The Southbound Dual Lanes between Choc and the Friendship Inn Roundabouts will be converted into two-way traffic, which means that one lane will accommodate southbound traffic while the other lane will accommodate northbound traffic. 

Both Northbound and Southbound Dual Carriageways will resume to operate as normal from 6am to 9pm daily. 

All commuters are asked to be guided by road signs which will be placed for their information and guidance, abide by the instructions given by flaggers who will be on location and extend full cooperation.

The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy wishes to apologies for any inconveniences which may be caused as a result of the road works but assures the public that these interventions are important for general Road Safety.



  1. Expansion of the road network means that I have more space to bring more cars.

    A sustainable program could look at structured mobility approach with buses, electric bikes and scooters on dedicated paths and walking.

    Walking is important as our health bill is getting higher

    • Couldn’t agree more so when u go Govt bldgs. walk the steps. When u go home walk around your community field. Electric bikes and scooters are too quiet form a safety stand point. Not because the white people selling it in the name sustainability and environment do we have to go involve ourselves in it. Bikes with loud reving sound are the safest to alert car drivers of their presence

  2. You see how narrow it is, I bet you there won’t be any sidewalks and I suggest they remove the center-divider while at it, this is just too cozy, just as their brains…lol

    • There are sidewalks and shoulders for pedestrians to access wherever they need to go from the existing bus lay bys. Just check out the road stretch with an open mind and you will realise that

  3. more roads = more cars! There must be mindset change and non construction based solutions to fix our issues. Them enginefar as infrastructure not taking people’s advices!!!

  4. Just finish the god dam thing before Christmas,then we will ball you till death for all the things you forgot to include in the proyect,if that is so.

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