Fire Forces Evacuation Of Ti Rocher Micoud Combined School

A fire Tuesday morning forced the evacuation of the Ti Rocher Micoud Combined school, while fire service personnel extinguished the blaze.

Firefighters from the Micoud Fire Station responded after an alarm was raised about 9:33 am, according to reports.

A fire service official told St Lucia Times that on arrival, it was discovered that a fluorescent light fixture in a classroom ceiling had caught fire and fell, igniting some books and a desk on which the books had been placed.

The official disclosed that the teacher ordered that the students evacuate the room.

The rest of the students in the school were also instructed to abandon classes and move to an area of safety.

According to information, firefighters were able to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Electricians from the Ministry of Infrastructure were then summoned to the school to fix the electrical problem.

No one was injured and damage is reported to have been limited to some books, a chair and a table.





  1. So now we know that schools dont have fire extinguishers ? This is St Lucia,2018 ? this is pretty incredible,that we dont have,any laws regarding public places,and what safety elements exist.Maybe we have the laws and regulations,but nobody has enforced them? This is pathetic,and somebody is to blame?

  2. Points to the state of the infrastructure in our schools. Many schools have hanging light fixtures combined with leaking roofs and it is just a matter of time before another electrical fire develops or a fixture falls on a student’s or teacher’s head! In keeping with the new thinking we should demolish and relocate that school to where I don’t know.
    Hopefully the demolition mindset can be convinced to adopt a preventive maintenance and refurbishment strategy.

  3. Its just a simple job to go through the electrical instalation of every classroom,and put brakers,and a switch,to cut all power to that room.Each classroom should have its own braker,and finished with the problem

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