Fire In Accounts Department Of Holiday Taxi Ltd

Police are investigating a fire in the accounts department of the Holiday Taxi Ltd office in Marisule.

Floor Member of the company, Shoan Aubertin, said he received a call Wednesday morning from a board member informing him about the fire.

Shoan Aubertin

He recalled that Holiday Taxi held elections about a month and a half ago and elected a new board.

While the outgoing board had been in place for about four years, the President – Lucien Joseph, had been  at the helm of the company for some two decades and was voted out in a secret ballot.

“This new board is very surprised with the fire, plus the rest of the members because the whole aim of the board is to upgrade the company to make it better,” Aubertin noted.

He described the blaze as a major setback.

The Holiday Taxi official appealed to members of the public who may have information about the incident to make a report to the police.

“Most of our computers – our laptops got burnt and stolen and our security system has been compromised a little bit; plus the fire destroyed some of our furniture,” Aubertin explained.

He disclosed that at a general membership meeting, the company had been  instructed to conduct a forensic audit.




      Well, you might just have to get a ‘…Hunting Cat’ to confirm your ‘…suspicious smell.’


      Professionally speaking, a ‘…Fire In the Nick of Time,’ particularly if ‘…financial records were out of accounting line,’ could very well save someone from ‘…doing jail time.’


      Bob Lindquist, a renowned ‘…forensic financial investigator,’ only investigates ‘…Financial Records,’ not ‘…Debris and Ashe.’ That is for fire investigators.

      Knew one so trained in St. Lucia many years ago. Did come to Antigua and Barbuda to investigate a fire that had destroyed the ‘…Ministry of Education.’

      Very adept and very professional. Do not remembers his name though.

      Also knew that a former Minister ‘…Sarah Flood-Beaubrun’ had always advocated for ‘…professionally-trained fire investigators’ [2002].

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