Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Fire Service Association Thanks Firefighters, Cites Constraints After Recent Castries Fire

Press Release:– The  Saint Lucia Fire Service Association wishes to recognize the efforts of its fellow Fire Fighters during the Adjodha Building Fire in the William Peter Boulevard, Castries on Thursday November 21st 2019.

There is no doubt that a fire of this magnitude within the heart of the city posed a great challenge to the department.

To date the department is experiencing constraints with both human and physical resources which play a critical role in the managing and mitigating fires.

This fire should also serve as an indication to the authorities that the fire department requires the necessary attention to allow it to function as a modern fire department equipped with the capacity and capabilities to cater to the needs of our nation which is developing.

We salute the Officers for their dedication and perseverance for a job well done.


  1. “………….perseverance for a job well done.” Hello, did you say a job well done???
    Let me say, if you call this…….well done, just thank your lucky stars. I shudder to think of such
    occurring around midnight on a Saturday Night. So let us count our blessings that Castries is still around.

    You said “……….the department is experiencing constraints with both human and physical resources……..”
    If you love your dear little Castries town, you better drop everything and from this moment on, do something
    in an effort to prevent such a recurrence of this happening again. I wouldn’t want to gamble on such a chance.

  2. Won’t butter this, a building on fire infront of the fire station in the city should never have done so much. From no water, to a little bit of water. You all were sloppy and inefficient.

  3. I think you should be investigating this fire.Why was the place locked up,were was the work force,at that time of the day any dumb worker would have smelled the fire,and if you would have had the fire extinguishers that you should have had at the reach of anybodies hand.You see Im bad Im cruel,I have no heart,but I want all of you to come clean,and dont let people walk away with this nonsence.This fire was no accident,the fire should have started at 01.30 am.but…..please investigate.

  4. Sloppy on all sides, the owner and ‘you know who’. Broad day light and this thing had time to build up
    like an inferno. I say heads should roll, but, who’s talking, me? I live in a bubble where the law rules.
    There must have been some real s*** stored there, and someone smoking, irrespective of the No Smoking Sign.
    Or maybe, an electrical shot, overloaded circuit, nonetheless, while there’s much blame to go around, the blame
    ultimately falls on the owner; it’s his property to take care of. A wake up call to the Fire Dept. also. Irrespective
    of the location on the Rock, a vigorous and decisive action must be taken to prevent such an
    occurrence. This slackness is bad for investment, bad for visitors, bad for the image of the Island and Tourism.

  5. (Quoted ;We salute the Officers for their dedication and perseverance for a job well done ) Are you saying that we should applauding the fire service for a mediocre job, so badly done ??? I am very ,very very disappointed at the lost of an entire block for a fire that was contained in one room in a building .,lousy , lousy , lousy fire service . sad what a waste of resources !!

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