Fire Service Cautions Accident Victims Who Decline Medical Treatment

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) has warned accident victims that death could be the consequence of refusing medical treatment.

Deputy Fire Chief Gorge Victorin told MBC Prime that there have been instances where accident victims not only decline to be treated on the scene by trained emergency personnel, but also refuse transportation to a medical facility.

George Victorin

Victorin, while acknowledging the right of individuals to accept or refuse treatment, warned that refusal could prove detrimental in the long run.

“The effects can be pretty dramatic,” he observed.

“If you refuse treatment at the time, you can find yourself in serious problems later – probably even the risk of dying from those injuries,” Victorin asserted.

He urged accident victims to take advantage of opportunities to be fully assessed by trained medical personnel.

The Deputy Fire Chief recalled instances where victims have gone home, only to be admitted later to hospital because their condition took a turn for the worse.




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