Friday, November 15, 2019

Fire Service Concerned Over Accident Victims Who Refuse Medical Help

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) is concerned over accident victims who refuse medical help because they sustain what appear to be minor injuries.

“In many instances when people appear not to have  serious injuries they refuse to be transported by the ambulance, but it’s not really advisable,” Fire Chief Joseph Joseph told St Lucia Times.

“In some cases the injuries are more serious than they realise,” Joseph explained.

He said at times it is only after accident victims go home that they realise that their injuries are serious.

Joseph recalled that there have been instances where victims left an accident scene without seeking medical attention and were unable to later help themselves to get to the hospital.

The Fire Chief told St Lucia Times that there have also been cases where persons sustained what appeared to be minor injuries that later turned out to be serious.

Joseph asserted that had those persons been attended to almost immediately, the problem could have been addressed then.

“It’s always a good thing to at least get checked by a medical practitioner after being involved in an accident because injuries may not immediately be apparent,” the Fire Chief told St Lucia Times.

He spoke against the backdrop of a recent spike in road accidents, the latest occurring  Saturday night at Richfond, Dennery, in which two young men on a motorcycle died after the bike collided head-on with a car.

Both young men were unresponsive after the collision and were transported to the Dennery Hospital, emergency official disclosed.

But they said the driver of the car, who appeared not to have been seriously injured, opted not to be transported to hospital



  1. As per another news outlet (St Lucia News Online) and those on the scene of the accident, the driver was taken to the hospital (Tapion) via private means. Its not like the driver never went to a hospital.

  2. Please be mindful that proper medical protocols have to be utilized when moving or transporting patients after accidents. I have often read of private citizens taking patients to hospitals in St. Lucia. If you are not experienced in healthcare you can make a bad situation worst (including death) by your well intended actions…please be mindful.

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