Fire Service Official Concerned Over Attacks On Homeless People

A senior official of the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) has expressed concern over attacks on homeless people.

Assistant Divisional Officer (ADO) David Antoine expressed his concern against the backdrop of reports that a resident of Cornerstone House was admitted to hospital in an unresponsive state last week, after being attacked by unknown assailants in Castries.

The victim was identified as Hazel Small, said to be in his fifties.

Hot 7 News quoted an unnamed police official as confirming that the victim passed away at Victoria Hospital Saturday.

The news channel reported that a post mortem examination will determine whether the death will be deemed a homicide.

ADO Antoine described attacks on homeless people as ‘heinous’ crimes.

He told Hot 7 Television News that attacks on homeless people are common occurrences.

He also explained that the incidents go unreported.

“We’ve had a lot of these issues happening where the homeless are being taken advantage of and a lot of it goes unreported or it is under-reported,” Antoine told Hot 7 News.

He expressed the view that love should be shown for others, whether homeless or not.

According to the senior SLFS official, the homeless should be assisted because of the situation in which they have found themselves in the latter stages of their lives.

He warned citizens that the same fate could befall them.

As a result, he urged them to be kind to the less fortunate.


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