Fire Service Reports 49 Bush, Rubbish Fire Calls Calls During Weekend

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) continues to express concern over bush and rubbish fires.

Leading Firefighter Stacy Joseph told reporters Tuesday that  the SLFS received 52 weekend fire calls.

Joseph said 49 related to bush and rubbish fires.

“No one was reported injured as it relates to these incidents,” she disclosed.

However the Saint Lucia Fire Service has in the past discouraged the lighting of fires to burn bush or rubbish.

According to the fire service, it is illegal to do so.

Fire service officials say not only is the practice dangerous, but it also creates a nuisance and problems for individuals who have respiratory issues.

In addition, it was noted that bush fires put a strain on the already limited resources of the Saint Lucia Fire Service when firefighters have to respond to put them out.


  1. True…what they expect when they say to consume your time with farming…lots being cleared and burnt for planting…whilst the lazy acc one,s sit all day on their mobile technologies trying to make the hard working meaningful purpose ppl life miserable…they better pray this thing comes to an end else they’ll have to go beg those same farmers for a piece of bread.

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