Fire Service reports 96 ambulance responses & 19 fire calls over weekend

There was a total of 96 ambulance responses, inclusive of both the north (58) and the south (38) of the island.

There were 19 fire calls for the weekend. 18 rubbish/bush fires, and 1 structural fire.
No major fires were reported.

The Fire Service, would like to again, advise the public against lighting fires to clear property and also to urge  the public to be particularly cautious when disposing of rubbish. Permission must be sought from the Fire Service before any rubbish is burnt.


  1. You’re you’re seeing more fire men on the street’s…than police…I’m asking again…where are the police.. are they behind thier desk. Something is wrong.. not a word..not a word

  2. Its a fact u a.. H…. Just don’t have any thing to say,so keep your mouth’s shut and let ppl with positive contributions make some sensible comment’s for once.

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