Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Fireman responds to accident in which his mother succumbs

Fireman Jeremiah Sidoine responded to a report of an accident Wednesday at Mornier, Gros Islet, in which his mother, Sandra Sidoine ,65, lost her life.

Jeremiah recalled that he was at work on the day in question when a distress call was received.

“They said they suspected it could be my mother,” he stated.

According to the fireman, he joined the ambulance crew and journeyed to the family home where he saw his mother on the ground.

He said he took care of his mother, ensuring that she was stabilised and in a condition to be transported to hospital.

“I was reassuring her that I was there,” Jeremiah told reporters.

“She was moaning at the time – she was in pain.”

The mother of four would later succumb to her injuries.

“I guess after many years in the fire service it  kind of prepares you for this kind of situation,” he explained.

He recalled having been on a scene where the sister of a work colleague was shot in Castries.

“I was there with him, so it kind of brought me back to that memory of – it’s my turn and what I can do for my mother is really give her the best possible care on the ground.”

According to reports, a vehicle tyre exploded causing the driver to lose control and slam into the fence of the Sidoine home.

The deceased is said to have moments earlier, closed the gate and was about to enter the house when the vehicle hit her.

The incident reportedly occurred about 10.30 am


  1. What!!!! I feel for the family. So unfortunate. This is heart breaking . At your own home .Rest in peace my lady and may god strengthen your family. Also to the driver. Hope he is ok .. Poor driver must be feeling so broken. May god comfort everyone.

  2. Father lord jesus u are the healer,you are the comforter, you are the beginning and the end,alpha and omega,please father ,take her tout jet new place of home …….

  3. My brother, may the good Lord give you the strength and courage to bear the pain of your love one, (your dear mother,) may the rest of the family and love ones be comforted through the Grace of our loving Savoir Jesus Christ. may the soul of Mrs Sidonie rest in perfect peace.
    Driver, that is destiny, the truth will set you 3.

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