First Baby Born At OKEU Hospital Receives A Care Package

by Glen Simon

Amid the confusion, panic and fear of COVID-19 comes a glimmer of hope at the Owen King EU Hospital, as the first baby delivered at the institution is showered with gifts by Massy Stores and the Office of the Prime Minister.

Daria Peter was among the few other mothers primed to give birth on Friday March 27th, the patient move day for the OKEUH, but it was her son Darian Owen Peter who won the race.

Daria Peter and baby

 Nurse Katianna Louis, one of the jubilant nurses in the maternity ward happily made the presentation on behalf of Massy Stores and the Prime Minister’s Office.

“Daria Peter, on behalf of OKEU Hospital and the maternity team, we would like to congratulate you on being the first mother to deliver at our brand new hospital. We would also like to present to you a lovely token on behalf of Massy Stores to your baby boy, Darian Owen Peter, and we trust that it will go a long way in helping you as you’re a new mother and we again congratulate you and all the best to you,” Louis stated.

The blushing mother, Daria Peter, was almost speechless as she expressed her gratitude for the care package she received.

“I feel great, I feel excited and I would like to thank the maternity team and Massy Stores for the hamper I got,” she said.

Darian Owen Peter

Darian Owen Peter, his middle chosen by his mother symbolic of the institution where he was delivered and the great physician whose name it bears, the Owen King EU Hospital.


  1. What a bundle of joy and so lucky too. Some mother couldn’t find room at the Inn and had to rough it
    at a Stable. Me and the other three of us were born at home, my grand Mom did the job and My Da was
    the old lady next door, who was Da and Midwife to all in the neighborhood. We all grew up big healthy
    and strong. May the good Lord Bless you little Darian Owen and I bless you and mom too in Jesus’ name.

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