First Phase Of Castries Market Redevelopment Progressing Smoothly

Press Release:-Construction work on the first phase of the Castries Market Redevelopment Project is progressing as scheduled.

 The first phase will include a sheltered area for provisions market vendors, along with upgraded amenities and surface covering.

 Speaking to the progress, Mayor Peterson D. Francis says the provisions market vendors will no longer be exposed to the elements.

 “This first phase will provide comfort and cater to all provisions market vendors in a uniformed and structured manner. No longer will the vendors require umbrellas or tents, as the entire provisions market facility will be covered. The facility will be upgraded along with the amenities. What we wish for is that when vendors return to this new environment, they adhere to the regulations and keep the facility clean. A new level of pride needs to be portrayed as the Castries Market Redevelopment Project, which is part of Castries Vision 2030, aims to positively transform the image and business of vending in the City, “said Mayor Francis.

 The other aspects of the Castries Market Redevelopment Project will include a state of the art food court, high-end air conditioned restaurants, a craft market, a box park, a viewing tower, an entertainment area, meat and fish depots and duty-free shopping boutiques, among other amenities.


  1. “they adhere to the regulations and keep the facility clean.” The same vendors who had the market like a pig sty? You people are hilarious.

  2. well they behave like children so the people have to make that point…lucians like thing ringing in their ears to dam much…they know they not suppose to litter and they still do it….they still pee all over the place so they right…keep ringing it in their ears….

    • They need to continue with the fines. Any infraction, apply the law. Fine or jail them. Things are too lax here.

  3. Vison 2030 as if to say they are going to be around that long. If they want to brag about accomplishment then what they should do is UPGRADE all markets space in every town case and point get vendors off Clark Street get people off the road in Denary and Soufriere. I am not going to knock poor people hustle they are an essential part of the local economy in providing local produce. Each town should have a designated clean space for a farmers market

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