Fisher Defends Capture, Slaughter Of Orca: “People Have To Eat!”

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Amid social media criticism of the capture and slaughter of an Orca, one of the fishers who caught the creature on Tuesday has defended the action.

Sylvester Cyris, alias ‘Teraflex’ told St Lucia Times he knew what the critics had been saying.

But he declared that people have to eat, especially these days.

“Going fishing out there is not easy. Sometimes you go fishing and for a whole week it’sjust gas burning and you don’t catch anything. So fishing is not like you knowing you going to fish and you are going to catch tuna or lobster,” Cyris stated.

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Regarding the critical social media comments, the former bus driver declared that unless some people are in your shoes, they will not know.

Cyris explained that the Orca he and his partner caught was one of hundreds they spotted when they went out to sea.

Orca Incident: Ministry Says Captain, Crew Complied With Fisheries Act

He recalled that the two of them left Vieux Fort about 8:30 when about 11:00 am, they saw two birds circling in the air.

Cyris explained that whenever fishers see birds, they recognise that fish are present.

As a result he and his fishing partner went towards the location of the two birds some 13 miles away and spotted the Orcas, also known as killer whales.

They used a spear attached to a long rope to capture one of the creatures, which they eventually towed to shore, subduing it after it struggled for over half an hour.

“We had a fight with it,” Cyris told St Lucia Times.

He estimated that the mammal weighed at least 900 pounds.

“They had hundreds – a lot of them. I was telling my Captain ‘Mama,let me try to video something for my chldren. My children would love to see that – how the others following us while we were going home. How many of them following us while we going down with the one we caught’,” the fisher recalled of this first such experience with such a large Orca.

However, he lamented that the device malfunctioned when he tried to record the scene with his mobile telephone.

When the fishers brought the Orca to shore, they began carving it up, distributing some of the meat to friends, and selling portions to others.

According to officials, the Orca the fishers caught is a juvenile

Saint Lucia’s Fisheries Regulations speak only to protecting marine mammals in bays and harbours.

“A person shall not take, kill, damage or fish for any marine mammal or any species of marine mammals in any bay or harbour of Saint Lucia,” the Regulations say.


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  1. The Chinese. Japanes kill and eat Orcas and Wales they are bigger nations than us so we should appolode those fishermen for that catch for their bravery

  2. Buuuut, if it was towed to shore was it alive or dead when it arrived . Does that make it’s killing illegal?

  3. @ Beautiful Queen;-Thank you and the hypocrites eat Pig. They are so hypocritical, they condemn a poor fisherman who risk his life to catch an Orca, I wouldn’t try it with the whole wang around; I’ll say, he is a lucky man, these guys are dangerous. I have worked with Orientals who told me they’ve eaten Dog, and a number of stuff I wont mention;-May God bless them.

    • You call people names and accuse them of being hypocrites and you finish up with God bless them?
      Here is a verse for you:
      Matthew 7:5
      You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

  4. Animals are a source of food. The fishers did no wrong, broke no laws. If some don’t like orca meat, that’s fine. Others enjoy it, that’s okay. This is a none issue.

  5. What about all the uproar during the DSH fiasco about keeping these sea animals in captivity? Do you guys remember the famous Dolphin Park? Oh the hypocracy of some people! Not a word! Not a word! St. Lucians keep yall eyes open wide. No demonstrations, no more crashing the airwaves with talks concerning
    captivity and cruelty of these creatures. You know why? Because it was all about winning the elections. A ginger bread house is made of flour. It will soon crumble down because the Most High God nah sleep. 🙏

  6. Here is my AMERiCAN View on the situation.
    The St Lucia fisherman said that sometimes he goes out all week on his boat and he never catches a fish! Bro! Do you have any idea how stupid you have to be, to be fishing in the Caribbean for an entire week and you can’t catch one little fish? Me and my buddies went fishing between St Lucia and Martinique for 4 days and we limited out on everything! We had so many fish that we gave half of them away to the St Lucia Natives.
    Killing an Orca in todays time would be like killing a Bald Eagle in Alaska or shooting a Bison at Yellowstone National Park. There are certain things in life, that you just don’t do! But most of the world knows that except St Lucia. But everyone in the entire world also knows that St Lucia is a shit hole and the people there are dumb as dirt. Can somebody please do me a favor though. Can someone PLEASE teach that idiot how to fish.

  7. It’s sad that people are more concerned about the killing of an infant orca than murders of our young people. We need to stop adopting this western mindset and focus on what truly matters to our country

  8. Everyday is a fishing day but NOT a catching day. Those of you who are critique of the current situation should bend low and suck whatever your tongue can reach. Because in the same breath you should repel the Japanese agreement to help in the so called agri department while their boats are into the caribbean deep sea basin hunting bigger mamals!

  9. Why have these two not been arrested? It is specifically prohibited by law that no marine mammal should be killed. It does not matter where he caught the mammal, high sea, open sea, no sea, fact is to get the animal on land, he had to come through the waters of St. Lucia. It is also obvious that you cannot kill a marine mammal on the territory of St Lucia, whether land or sea. ARREST THIS SICK MAN AND HIS DAUGHTER. This is the next story I want to see on this. They cannot get away with this barbaric act! for those of you complaining that we who advocate for animal rights, don’t care about human beings. I have two things to say; Do we activists go around “doing in” human beings for eternity like the criminal elements we have here? So what is you all point? Next. we must speak up for animals who can’t speak up for themselves. If we don’t, who will? I can leave a 3 year old with someone and teach him early to tell mummy everything. And I can ask him about what happened on that day to him, if baby can’t talk, I dont leave him/her with people on principle. But if I leave my poor cat or dog with some fool who mistreat them, my pet cannot tell me a thing about the abuse. So offcourse, I must take steps to protect the animal kingdom which we are all part of. I repeat : MAKE A CASE ! ARREST THESE TWO FOOLS!

    • Didn’t you read the article. It is only illegal to kill these animals in bays or harbour. Hence the fisherman we within their legal right. Traditionally St. Lucian eat blackfish. We do not abuse it or overfish them. That fact that the fishermen took only one says alot about the sustainability of their practice (even though it may have been because their equipment)

      • If you understood the intention behind the law, you would not argue on this stupid point. Many laws in St Lucia prevent marine mammals from being killed in its territory. Define bay or habour for me. Your point is moot.

  10. For there will be no excuses on the great day of our LORD , for every mouth will be shut !
    Then God said, ”I will give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree with seed in it. They will be your food.
    “And the LORD commanded the man, “you are to eat from any tree in the garden ; but you must not eat from the (tree of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will “surely die”.

    After God drove man out, this has become excuses.
    Serpent 🐍
    Did God really say, ‘you must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”
    Woman 👩‍🦱
    “We must eat fruit from the garden but God say ‘you must not eat fruit from the middle of the garden, and you must not ‘touch it’,or you will surely die.
    Serpent 🐍
    “You will not surely die,” the 🐍 serpent said to the woman, for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened,and you will be like (God) knowing good and evil !!!

      • @hmm Yes they did “They used a spear attached to a long rope to capture one of the creatures, which they eventually towed to shore, subduing it after it struggled for over half an hour.

        “We had a fight with it,” Cyris told St Lucia Times.” By his own admission, it struggled during the process of taking it to sure where they then carved it, the law is the law they should be charged.

    • Charged for what???? they have not broken any law, local, regional or International, they are quite within their rights. The international Whaling Commission gives a coastal to harvest in its Territorial sea those species that are not prohibited by the convention.

  11. There’s more outrage when you kill a wild animal than when you kill a human being in St.Lucia. You people need to relax while I personally wouldn’t eat Orca they kill and eat them in Japan and colder climates likes Alaska, Russian and parts of Canada. Man before beast, you have to be really hungry to eat that so let that people eat. Next time your’ll open a can of Tuna fish I hope your’ll know that they have all kinds of whale and shark mix up in there.

  12. Man I just wanna hear a few days later how they and the relatives stomach feeling. St Lucians don’t like corrections… horrible sight.

  13. I dont think this animal is a good food source, but too many of them are a nuisance. I wouldnt eat this meat at all. This is the kind of meat which constipates and causes intestinal infections. Maybe if persons knew, they would avoid.

  14. Typical St Lucia Trash! Who can’t catch fish in the Bahamas? You have to be the biggest loser in the world to go an entire week fishing in the Bahamas and not catch a damn thing! Nobody likes St Lucia Anyways! Bottom Feeders!

    • @ Richie POOR, Get you geography right before you start typing SH*T. The Bahamas? Since when St. Lucia is in the Bahamas?

      What do you know about fishing or the way of life of a fisherman? Get from behind your computer and go speak to the Fisher folk.

      I’m not saying that they were right or wrong in doing what they did. Each to his own.

  15. That is why St lucia is in such a crime filled mess. One time, it was a snake killed and barbecued. now its an orca. the fisheries department should take both the daughter and father to court for this. these people should not be able to get away with this. arrest both of them and set bail at a huge amount. let them spend time in Bordelais. Let them start experiencing the Orca’s curse. So if the fool and his daughter did not get orca, they would not eat??? Two useless idiots! let the price be paid!

  16. 💔 breaking heart !
    “Sorry LORD,it should be protected,and prevent from slaughtering.
    Your word says that man shall not (live)by bread alone,but every words which commeth out of the mouth of God.

    • The same Lord also after the flood said that I give you dominion over all the birds of the air the creatures of the sea and land that you may have them for food. Coz plant life was scarce.

      Not that I agree or not agree with what was done. But what is the difference with killing the orca that is eating up the fish that we eat and the killing of the chickens we raise just to slaughter and eat the same way?

      If you don’t like it then that is fine but once you eat or use any animal products your judgement on these persons is somewhat hypocrite. Just saying.

  17. @black Cotten, Iam gonna speed dat sh*t up yo! The man knows it’s illegal to kill orcas and being greedy he killed a baby anyway, what’s the difference btw abducting a young girl and keeping her held hostage or slaughtering an innocent baby ORCA, now sir you got ALL the ORcas out circling St. Lucia bc of you killing one of theirs…they gonna be hunting you in the sea, an taking everyone’s catch! Smph whoever partakes in this I hope they get diarrhea smph….. Charge the greedy ex bus driver he knew eXactly WTF he was doing and it iswrong yet did I it anyway… how we even know there was a pod it could have just been a mother an it’s calf! Smph man makin sh*t up! Smph

    • Is it illegal to hunt Orcas in the caribbean ..not sure..but there is this The “International Whaling Commission (IWC) permits the hunting of large whales for aboriginal subsistence in the Caribbean country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines but, at present, the IWC has no jurisdiction over small cetaceans (which I think Killer whales fall under as they are actual part of the marine dolphin family ” and NO this is NOTHING like abducting a young girl or killing an innocent baby….unless you’re an ORCA mom/dad. I would have rather that Epstein was violating Orcas in the Bahamas than people’s kids.

    • While you go defend fish in the ocean, i’ll be right here defending my people from tyranny “bro”

    • I agree about the fact that the other will be in our waters. Ppl should know that killer whales are smart animals and I’m surprised that they didn’t sink the boat the men were on.

  18. Cant believe you ruthless phockers did that to such a peaceful friendly animal, that’s phocked up and breaks my heart.

  19. This is not a joke . Way back in the late 60’s or early 70’s, one was caught and sold in a fishing village in the south. Everyone who eat the meat suffered from diarrhea. The feces was pure oil . Those who farted also had the same oily mess. Fortunately for me, my mom didn’t buy ,eat or cook it at home.

  20. Only Lucians who were born and raised and where the sea was a major part of their daily existence will understand.
    Black fish, turtles, lobster etc., for us are considered delicacies.
    Meanwhile the hypocrites in here have no problem eating escargot, rats, frog legs, snakes, crickets and fried cockroaches in a foreign. So please!

      • So whats the problem if the Mammal was killed by a Huge Vessel.and left to Rot at Sea .For Human Consumtion and .so Much Drama .The problem is That St.Lucians love too much Social Media

  21. well folks, the ill-fated ocra has it’s “predators now”. That being said, a few families will not go hungry for at least a week.

  22. Orcas are ruthless predator dolphins. However, wherever you find Orcas, you find great whites. Better to leave the orcas out there until they become menaces. An infestatation of great whites which wipe out any small fish is worst for us. Our small fishermen can only manage so many sharks.

    Dolphin meat stinks, dont know why anyone would want that.

  23. I don’t care what the regulations say, at a time such as this, and worse to come, one should catch fish or mammals or anything in the water as long it can be eaten. By the looks it looks like a baby Orca, better be because the full grown ones will put up a fight and small Fishers may never be able to catch them. Japanese Fishing Industrial boats should not be allowed to fish in our waters. Their huge nets suck in all our smaller fish, Flying Fish and all, making it very difficult for our boys that is why they have to go far out to salvage something.
    We need an organized fishing Navy, Government should help, soon people will start going hungry because of that war. get back to the ‘Land’ begin to grow what you eat, its healthier and fresh not canned or frozen, no chemicals or additives.
    (don’t forget the good Lord will help when you pray before you go fishing & planting: be Blessed)

    • You hit the nail on the head with that comment. Japan are a big problem in St. Lucia, yes they may give the country money here and there but it is in exchange for access to whales in St. Lucias water as well as support in international court in relation to whaling. So although I think it is disgraceful that these fishermen killed this whale, nobody out here attacking the Japanese for doing the same thing on a larger scale. If you look at it, even the law is set up in their best interest since it says no capturing of whales in bays or harbours. St. Lucians need to stop being so hypocrite, they too fast to attack their own people, but turn a blind eye when rich, powerful foreigners do the same things.

  24. i am confused, i did some research on the orca and found out that it is a marine mammal but fisheries laws says “A person shall not take, kill, damage or fish for any marine mammal or any species of marine mammals in any bay or harbor of Saint Lucia,” so are they saying that it was ok for the guy to catch and kill the orca since he caught it out in the open sea and not in the bay or harbor of saint Lucia?
    so since this is a marine mammal what would fisheries say if this was caught in the bay or harbor of saint Lucia?

  25. It should have been shark infested waters to see y’all backside. There is a limit to everything. Without the Orca would you starve to death? There are always another day to get your catch. It just shows you, individuals like these have no regards for law and order. Authorities will warn them of a storm/hurricane and as them to stay in port but they will ignore the warnings and get themselves lost at sea. They are the ones who will go out without proper gears and get lost at sea and have their families worried all because of greed. Then the local authorities have to look for resources to help them.

    • @ larry Cadet
      technically he might not be cause i read that orcas have no natural predators which means nothing really hunts and eats them so basically the ocean is full of them which is why he said he saw hundreds the time he caught this one but i understand where you coming from cause this brings me back to my child hood memories of watching this movie Free Willy and yow that was sad and emotionally. any one remembers watch it?

  26. People don’t eat orcas there’s no reason to kill and sell the meat . You saying People have to eat poor excuse. Orca flesh is poisonous. When the catch is good fishermen never say praise that lord for the bread , but a back love is hard to take . Nowadays so many guys doing drug runs and claiming to be fishermen .

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