Thursday, February 20, 2020

Fisheries Department Denies Human Remains Found In Shark

Saint Lucia’s Fisheries Department has denied reports that human remains were found inside a shark caught by Dennery fishermen last week.

The department’s Information and Communications Officer Yvonne Edwin told HTS News that two Tiger sharks were actually caught.

But she told the television network that there were no human remains found in any of them.

According to Edwin, one of the creatures was pregnant.

“What I can confirm is that two sharks landed in Dennery; two Tiger sharks – one of which was pregnant and the fishers in the discussion seemed to imply that the guts or the insides – the remains, may have had human parts,” Edwin told HTS News.

“That story is false,” the Fisheries official disclosed.

Edwin expressed the view that the story about human remains being found in a shark seems to have originated in Trinidad some three weeks ago.

But she noted that Trinidad had confirmed that it was fake news.

Edwin explained that Tiger sharks pose no danger to fishers once the fishers ensure that they themselves are safe.

“Anytime you’re hauling a large species like that onto your boat there is some rick involved in terms of the boat overturning,” she stated.

She reminded fishers to be cautious and make sure that they are safe.



  1. Why did they capture a pregnant shark ??? Everything has its place in the ocean and should be allowed to breed …

  2. Photos Of The Sailor That An I-Banker Found Inside A Shark

    Highlight from( photos to shark )and do a Web search u will get the photos of the shark where it originated from

  3. Tiger sharks are one of the most dangerous species of sharks they often find themselves close to where human are, Hence them being responsible for a lot of bites resulting in fatality. So they’re not to be messed with.

  4. Ms Edwin while you’re saying that tiger sharks pose no threat to fishers,of course because of hey are in a boat. But you may also make a web search and find that they are very dangerous to humans and often find themselves in areas where humans frequent. eg the beach,reefs etc. They are among the three most dangerous species as well, so to say they pose no threat to fishers may imply that they are relatively harmless.

  5. This story originated from the Bahamas …from the time I saw the video n pic I was sceptical, y isnt there a video of human remains being taken out of the shark ,y is the pic of such low quality compared to the video .

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