Fishers Urged To Get Registered To Reduce Problems At Sea

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Saint Lucia fishers are being encouraged to get themselves registered to reduce the number of problems they encounter at sea.

This after the Martinique Coast Guard earlier this week rescued two locally registered fishermen who were stranded at sea.

The Operations Manager of the Dennery Fishermen’s Cooperative, Agnita Thomas, told St Lucia Times that because the men were registered fishers, assistance was swift.

Thomas explained that if they were not registered a lot of questions would have been asked before a search party left to look for them.

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She told St Lucia Times that the men left to go to sea on Monday.

Thomas said the following day a report was made to the Dennery Fishermen’s Cooperative that the men had not returned.

She explained that the cooperative contacted the Department of Fisheries, the local Marine Police and Martinique authorities.

According to Thomas, the cooperative was able to provide information to Martinique about  the stranded vessel’s registration, colour, the name of the Captain and the identification numbers of the men on board.

“Thank God they were registered with us,” Thomas stated.

She disclosed that the stranded fishers were found a few hours hours after the alarm was raised with the Martinique authorities.


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