Thursday, February 27, 2020

Five Injured In Coolie Town Highway Accident

Five individuals were rushed to hospital Friday afternoon after a vehicle accident on the Coolie Town highway, emergency officials say.

A video of the aftermath of the accident was posted on social media.

It prompted the Saint Lucia Fire Service to reiterate calls for members of the public to leave accident victims alone unless the victims are in imminent danger, and leave treatment to qualified personnel.

The video shows victims lying on the ground with members of the public trying to assist them.

“Don’t shake his head,” a female voice cautions as a man rubs the chest of a male victim.

Another man attempts to raise a second victim up by pulling on his arm.

“Don’t shift him – just talk to him,” the voice advises.

A male individual then proceeds to hit the chest of a victim several times and lifts him to a sitting position.

“Do not shift him. Don’t shift him,” the female voice shouts amid the din of the excited crowd that had gathered.

The well-intentioned citizen then lowers the victim back onto the ground.

According to emergency officials, the accident on the Coolie Town highway involved a pick up truck and a minibus.

They say the pick up was overtaking and overturned three times before veering off the road, spewing passengers who were sitting in the tray at the back.

Units from the Saint Lucia Fire Service headquarters in Castries, with back up from Babonneau and Gros Islet responded to the incident which occurred about 5:47pm on Friday.

According to a senior fire service official, four of the injured persons who were transported to hospital were reported to be in stable condition while a fifth is said to have been seriously injured.





  1. When, oh when are minibus drivers going to stop causing carnage on St Lucian roads?
    Everyday most of us have to endure their crazy, dangerous driving.

  2. How from this article you are able to apportion blame on the minibus driver.
    Please my people just take moment after reading and think before we make comments.

  3. Its time we do like most countries in the world and outlaw the carrying of passengers in the open tray of a vehicle be it pick up or truck since they’re afforded no protection there.

    We’ve been lucky so far but let’s not wait until there’s s serious accident with multiple deaths before taking action on this!

    • Oh it is actually out lawed. You must actually retrofit the pick up and obtain approval form Dept. of Transport to actually transport people in an open pick up or truck. It is written in our laws.

  4. I find it strange that law enforcement hasn’t seen it necessary to pass a law that pick up vans are not allowed to carry passengers to the back unless safety measures are in place. Time after time you see persons could have died through this form of transmitting.

  5. The law exists. Most of the Police I suspect don’t even know that it is against the law to have people transported in a pick up. I have never seen them stop vehicles, All they know is to stop ppl for insurance and stickers, and drivers license. Choops. Then every time I c the police themselves in the back of pick ups with or without prisoners I wonder.

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