Five Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary Students Attacked By Criminals In One Week

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Five students of the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School became the target of criminals in the space of one week.

The disclosure has come from school principal Rohan Lubon.

In most of the cases, the attackers escaped with mobile telephones.

However Lubon said he does not believe the criminals are specifically targetting students from his school.

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“I would like not to believe so,” he told St Lucia Times.

Last week, criminals robbed three students from the  school.

The incidents occurred on Chisel Street, Castries.

Lubon explained that the students, aged between 14 and 16, were on their way to classes at the time.

He disclosed that bandits robbed two other students on Tuesday after school in the area of Waterworks Road, Castries.

In one of the incidents, a student sustained cuts from a knife.

But two others were punched in the face.

According to information, some of the students tried to put up a fight.

“I really need something to be done about that,” Lubon told St Lucia Times in relation to the crimes.

As a result, he revealed that the school has been liaising with the police on the matter.

Nevertheless, the principal also disclosed that the school has been advising students on measures to avoid attracting the attention of criminals by putting away their mobile telephones and not wearing head sets that would reduce their level of alertness.

“The first thing we tell them is not to put up a fight if criminals attack them because you do not know if the bandits are carrying a weapon and you will be putting your life at risk,” Lubon stated.

He said the school advises the students to hand over their belongings.

The principal indicated that the school also advises the students as far as possible  to walk in groups and not be shy about screaming for help if attacked.

Added to that, he said the school discusses alternate routes that are considered safer for students to choose.

“We give them all the tips that we can to keep themselves safe,” Lubon stated.

“Of course, the best thing to do when they leave school is to take a bus and go to town,” he observed.

However, Lubon observed that the attacks are taking place in the City itself.

He told St Lucia Times that over the years criminals have been attacking students.

The principal said he did not want to classify the recent attacks as an upsurge.

“It’s just that the bandits have their time when they believe it’s the best time to come out and rob people,” he asserted.

“I guess right now with the lack of police patrols in the area – in the City circuit and the vicinity of the school, they’re probably reading the situation and they, strategically,  know when to come out and rob the students,” he said.

Headline photo: Rohan Lubon, Principal of the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School

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