Saturday, October 19, 2019

Five year old chops older brother over chicken

A fight over a piece of chicken has left a nine year old boy nursing a cutlass wound to the head.

The boy was struck with a cutlass across the head by his five year old brother in an apparent fight over a piece of chicken, according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.

The extent of the injury was not immediately clear.

The incident is reported to have occurred at Babonneau shortly after 4pm Sunday.

The mother of the children is said to have been asleep at the time of the chopping. She transported the victim to Victoria Hospital for medical attention.

A report has been made to the Babonneau Police Station.

The age of criminal responsibility in St Lucia begins at 12.


      • I hope what you have said about these kids being sons of a Parliamentary Minister is true. If so you should be brave enough to say who the minister is and the reveal your real name. If you are then playing politics then still reveal the name of the supposed minister and your real name so you can be felt with accordingly. Because I don’t believe with a name like Truth you would be so irresponsibly lying not to mention insensitive. My support and empathy to the parents at their difficult time. Further more there should be better journalism on the part of St. Lucia Times!

    • It is being said that this story is not entirely true. If this is the case, then practice some responsible journalism and take it down. Also, please research and follow up on stories before posting.

  1. These boys mom must be dont cook chicken that often….cause at 5 years old you can’t be so violent. Any ways they practice what they see…poor Jab our youth.

  2. One should not blame this 5 year old child for such violent action. Children learn what they see and hear. No child is born genetically violent. This violent behaviour is indicative of a dysfunctional home. Poverty is a sin. Too many Lucians live in perpetual destitution. This case seems to be a perfect marriage of violence and poverty, a combustible combination.

    • Wow…when i read the title i honeatly rhought was jamaica, or eveen haiti. Then i see st.lucia. but serioisly…what kinda nurturing is this when a five year old readily goes for a cutlass… And with sucj force to semd someome hospital.

  3. What are we teaching our young ones. This child has apparently been exposed to violence so this is what he knows. This is so sad when a child who need protection at this age is the one inflicting that kind of violence on his sibling especially over food. There seems to be many underlying issues that needs serious investigation.

  4. How could this young child have done this if he had not lived in an environment where this is the regular or acceptable norm or where this conduct is tolerated/encouraged?


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  6. Gosh, everyone is analyzing as if they are Dr Phil. One doesn’t have to be poor to behave that way. SMH. Also, he could have adopted such behavior by observing the messed up community. Criticize and analyze your own homes.

  7. This kid may have been bullied by his older brother daily. Maybe loosing his chicken daily. Not an excuse for his behaviour but i dont believe the chopping is the main issue there.

  8. What’s up with all these hypocritical comments? We all have fights with our siblings even at that age. I’m not condoning his actions. We need to take a good long look at ourselves,our behavior around these young children. They don’t always learn these things from their parents. Boy, I didn’t know St. Lucia had so many judges.

  9. As a mother of two before making some comments, let us analyze the situation. This kid need to be interviewed. I saw a comment this child need to die, remember both kids belong to the same mother. You never know what happened on this day. Father take over St. Lucia.

  10. The Family needs help… therapy for both kids and that little boy who attacked his brother needs Special Care, otherwise this for a lifetime. It’s quite possible that there is a lack of showing love in the environment where the Boys are being raised. It’s also possible that the 5 year old could have an early mental disorder.. please help the Family

    • Triple 6, we cannot give up on a child so young. If we abandon every child that shows a propensity for violence, society would become ungovernable in the not too distance future. I have seen this happen many times, put him in a n environment that is loving, caring and courteous. You would be astonished to see a complete ‘c’ change. The child needs to be removed from that precarious environment. Place him with relatives who are willing to adopt him, where the living conditions are more conducive to a healthy and nurturing upbringing..

  11. i miss being a social worker…not that i would solve all the problems but at least family by family we can try….so sad for our children 🙁

  12. Back in the day children that age use to cry and run to mama if BIG brother or BIG sister had done something bad to them… now kids that young are fighting with weapon. Wow, that scary!

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