Saturday, December 7, 2019

Flow announces changes to Regional TV lineup

Press Release:-  Flow Saint Lucia would like to inform its TV customers of some important changes to its current channel lineup.

 Please note that effective January 1st, 2019, the following channels will no longer be offered across all Flow markets in the Caribbean: National Geographic, Fox Soccer Plus, Nat Geo Wild, BBC America, CGTN, Fox Sports Racing, Fox Sports 2 and Big Ten.

 While we regret that these changes have become necessary, we remain committed to providing our customers with the very best value and viewing experience possible, and we are working closely with our international partners to continue to deliver the finest media content.

 Flow customers will have access to a Free Preview of two newly added channels, Discovery Theatre and Discovery World, beginning December 1st, 2018 through February 28th, 2019. These new channels will offer a mix of history, culture, real-life stories, investigation, mystery shows, factual series and documentaries.

 Customers with Flow’s AVS service, soon to be launched in Saint Lucia, will also be able to take advantage of several updated features such as a new and improved User Interface, a transformed On-Demand Service, along with a convenient Replay feature that allows viewers to restart any show that’s already in progress.

 We once again apologise for any disruption to your viewing preferences and we remain committed to ensuring the delivery of market-leading programming at the greatest possible value.


  1. Guys check out 758 IPTV on facebook, they have thousands of channels and the service is great. All channels are in HD and all those channels flow taking it, they have it.

  2. You’re removing the best educational channel, national geographic and one of the best channels in BBC America. Smh

  3. I want to choose the channels I want to watch,give me a basic packet of 60 options,and make it accesible at a reasonable price.

  4. Will there be a commensurate decrease in the cost, considering we are getting less than we signed up and are paying for?

  5. Can’t believe they are removing the most intelligent and regularly viewed channels in Nat Geo and BBC .
    It was bad enough when we lost France 24 but this seems lunatic! Will we be left with just a load of rubbish channels and nothing serious soon?

  6. SLOW strikes again! I eh hear that customers will be paying less for less quality. In other words, it’s a daylight robbery.

  7. Flow screwing my TV programs again,what a screwed up company we have on this island.We need to march on these people and show them,that thay work for us and make their money from us,and we aint taking any more shite from them

  8. You are taking away about 8 giving back 2 with a two month free then realistically you are not replacing the channels and forcing us to watch more rubbish like we’ve been watching all those years…you all are worse than murderers…..daban volaire’

  9. Don’t care what you all do flow. Hated you all service before hate it now. With the amount you of profit you all make on every customer, you all still removing channels.

  10. They’re not removing, they don’t want to pay the associated fees. If they don’t reduce the fees in keeping with the loss of these channels we should take the bold step and ban flow. With the Advent of YouTube, Netflix and streaming, we can afford to do that without any major impact.

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