Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Food Crisis: Ukraine Grain Export Deal Reached With Russia, Says Turkey

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Turkey says a deal has been reached with Russia to allow Ukraine to resume exports of grain through the Black Sea.

It is to be signed on Friday in Istanbul by Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The world shortage of Ukrainian grain since Russia’s 24 February invasion has left millions at risk of hunger.

The invasion sent food prices soaring, so the deal to unblock Ukraine’s ports is crucial. Some 20 million tonnes of grain is stuck in silos in Odesa.

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Ukraine’s foreign ministry confirmed that another UN-led round of talks to unblock grain exports would take place in Turkey on Friday – and a document “may be signed”.

But one Ukrainian MP close to the talks voiced caution over the deal.

“We don’t have [an] agreement yet,” Odesa MP Oleksiy Honcharenko told BBC Radio 4’s World Tonight programme. “We don’t trust Russians at all. So let us wait till tomorrow for a final decision and that there will not be some pushbacks from Russians and last minute changes.”

“I keep fingers crossed tomorrow we’ll have a deal and Russia will really respect it.”

The US State Department welcomed the UN-brokered deal, but said it was focusing on holding Russia accountable for implementing it.

“We should never have been in this position in the first place. This was a deliberate decision on the part of the Russian Federation to weaponise food,” said the department’s spokesman Ned Price.

Diplomats say the plan includes:

  • Ukrainian vessels guiding grain ships in and out through mined port waters
  • Russia agreeing to a truce while shipments move
  • Turkey – supported by the United Nations – inspecting ships, to allay Russian fears of weapons smuggling.

The deal is also meant to facilitate Russian exports of grain and fertiliser via the Black Sea.

The UN and Turkey have been working for two months to broker a grain deal, amid global anxiety about the food crisis.

Russia denies blockading Ukraine’s ports – it blames Ukraine for laying mines at sea and Western sanctions for slowing Russia’s own exports.

Ukraine however says the Russian navy prevents it shipping grain and other exports and accuses Russian occupation forces of stealing grain from Ukrainian farms.

If the signing goes ahead as planned it will be the first significant deal between Russia and Ukraine since the invasion began. There have been some prisoner exchanges, but a ceasefire still appears a long way off.

“The grain export agreement, critically important for global food security, will be signed in Istanbul under the auspices of President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan and UN Secretary General Mr Guterres together with Ukrainian and Russian delegations,” said Mr Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin.

Sergiy Kyslytsya, the Ukrainian ambassador to the UN, said the devil would be in the detail of the deal, which was still being worked on by all parties.

If the deal was signed and implemented, it would “ensure a significant number of ships can approach or leave the Ukrainian ports and we can export about 20 million tonnes of grain, which is ready to be exported,” he told BBC World News.
He added that Turkey would play a “very important part ensuring the security” and monitoring the process.
Source: BBC News
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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Reading this BBC News article, I questioned their motivation for publishing it. Their false narrative is obviously driven by the desire to keep the truth from readers around the globe about the the self-imposed disaster unfolding in the UK & Europe (in NATO land).

    We can always count on George Galloway to keep current events front and center! Do a search for “The Galloway Show #15” for his up-to-date commentary. His Sunday show, MOATS, is watched by millions around the globe who are tired of the propaganda issued by the globalists’ corporate media.

  2. Geez! Every one of the comments, so far, have a common thread – they make true the saying that, “opinions are like arse-holes – everybody has one, and they all stink to high heaven!”

    @#The Fox: Have you ever heard of the “Monroe Doctrine?” It’s the very reason why South America is “third world.” The mafia US “democracy” will not allow any South American to progress as long as its governments endeavor to arrange it economies for the benefit of its citizens. The goal of all sanctioned enterprises is to enrich the oligarchs who rule the US – they think theirs is a god-given right to hold dominion over the hoi polloi!

    @Righteous-Judgement, I will only address one item out of the effluence you ejected from your arse: you cannot truly be a christian and do wickedness at the same time! You obviously have never heard that, “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to speak [or type, in this case] and remove all doubts.”

    @Pastor Gwen: You started on the right track, but you got lost in a “commie” rant, which revealed that you were just regurgitating something you heard, without the ability for critical thinking!

    But you guys should not fret – helpful truth is but a link away, if you are serious about overcoming your current mental deficiencies. Just google “Garland Nixon – YouTube”, then click on the “Videos” tab to gain access to plain speaking truth you will not find on the corporate media propaganda websites!

    By the way, did you notice how all the comments so far revealed their Russian biases? None of them address the positive news that Russia has been bending over backwards to forestall starvation in Africa, and that exports of Ukrainian wheat have been stymied because the Ukrainian Nazis have laid mines in all Ukrainian Black Sea ports!

    • @ nudge, the wisdom of man which is your pompous, prideful and conceited wisdom is still NOT wiser than the foolishness of THE MOST HIGH. So keep being foolish in your wisdom and maybe your foolish wisdom will make you avoid your own death and will make you be wise enough to live 1000 years! Good luck buddy!

      • @Righteous-Judgement: We have noted your attempt at confession via projection, but there is still your self-inflicted ignorance to account for – ignorance which prevents you from addressing the disinformation spewed in this article:

        Do a web search by entering the following in your favorite search engine: “Moon of Alabama”

        The article titled, “Ukraine Grain Exports – Myths And Reality”, should currently be the first one you see; if not scroll down the site’s front page to find it.

  3. @ Righteous-Judgement – how can you square what is written in the book of Revelation and Fatima? don’t get hang up with the King of the North, the South and the East: keep your eyes on Israel – that’s the reason, the place – all this fight is all about. They will all come to invade, driven by you know who, and you have read what will happen. Beside these wars, mother nature (driven by heavenly beings) will do a number on todays so called civilization; your crop, your water, the air you breathe, societal disturbance, name it; the enemy will rave havoc with the souls that is why it is so important to get right with the Lord right now. We who are called have our work cut out for us. America has been finished a long time, Europe is done, Kings, Nobles and their Trophies will all go to trash valuless. We were warned not to look to the things in the heavens – look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Find someone tell them – Jesus loves them.

    • @ Fox, the connection between Revelation and what was revealed to the 3 children in Fatima is all in Revelation 12:17. The great sign in the heavens with the Woman clothed with the SUN 🌞 and pursued aggressively by the Great dragon who made war after the seed of the Woman from generation to generation relentlessly! The great dragon final war against humanity will be thru the anti christ who will use tyranny and communism to rule and destroy the world! Stay Blessed!

  4. @ Pastor Gwen, Yes Russia the Tyrannical BEAR is largely Orthodox Chtistian but that does not give them a pass to mistreat their citizens with commie values. You could paint brush yourself as christian all you want and do the worse crimes known to man all at the same time! Ametica is largely PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN and they’re still embedded in their racist and occultic practices, so being Christian can be a covering to do your wickedness! Not all things that are packaged christian is good for you! Thats why I believe the book of Revelations is so relevant to this time! In 1917 a prediction warning was given to 3 little children that COMMUNISM will take over the world. If you said that America who represents democracy is NOW acting like the commies then that tells you that the ENTIRE world is ALREADY in trouble and the 1917 prediction warning given to the 3 sheppard children is on its right course of action! Stay blessed!

  5. This is an eye opener; on the south American Continent from Mexico to Argentina, there is so much waste land uncultivated, which can easily be converted for the production of Wheat and other food products; the ‘third world’ on this Planet can benefit by such venture, and not only South America but many other Countries can start producing food products, for their own consumption and for export. With today’s science, con’t we make the Sahara Desert bloom again? it can happen – ‘with God, all things are possible’ – even with green Figs.

    • Has anybody noticed the connection between the RISE of atheism and the RISE of COMMUNISM? It’s no coincidence that as more people lose their minds and lose interest in GOD around the world that Russia and China are becoming bolder and BOLDER? The GREAT USA where Christianity was a WAY OF LIFE has now become a habitation of ” do whatever you want..” with battymen, liberals, abortion and whore mongers running amuck! Now what the GREAT USA is talking about is that they’re experiencing a MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS on their hands simply because people are manipulated and are emboldened to sin and do whatever they want! SMH. If you’re reading this message know that RUSSIA (THE BEAR) and CHINA (THE RED DRAGON) will overtake America (THE GREAT EAGLE) and its democratic allies if America does NOT repent and keeps teaching the children of this world how to sin and reject GOD thru their liberal satanic media! REPENT AND TURN TO GOD MY PEOPLE! Even New York City has put out an AD telling it citizens to prepare for a nuclear attack at anytime! REPENT!!!

      • Ummm Russia is largely Orthodox Christian and one of the few countries where the leaders refuse to bend over to non traditional values. While China is commie they also don’t tolerate this evolutionary dead end. America/Canada/Europe has gone full on commie and are gone.


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