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Football Coach Found Dead In Castries

Police are investigating the death of football coach Cassius Glasgow whose body was found at a house in Cedars, Castries.

The body had what appeared to be a bullet wound to the head, a law enforcement official disclosed.

Glasgow’s body was discovered about Monday.

The deceased was well known for his work coaching children in the Marchand area.

Persons who knew him well have expressed shock at his death, saying they are unaware of any reason why anyone would want to harm ‘Cassie-boom’ as he was affectionately known.

They recalled that he would exert himself to assist the young people of Marchand, at times even supplying them with meals.

“He was devoted to the young children,” a friend of the deceased told St Lucia Times.

Others expressed outrage that photos of Glasgow’s nude body, slumped on the floor of his living room with blood oozing from his head, have been circulating on social media.

One individual acquainted with the football coach said his death came as he was about to start a football team with young females in the Marchand community.


  1. Rip tcassie boom but in order to stop the pictures from circulating the police must now start to leave their phones behind do you think that the person who discovered him took it n started circulating noooo its the police who sends the pictures around # ask them to leave their phones at headquarters

  2. This is so sad! He was a good man and they didn’t need to kill him. What is the government doing about these dangerous criminals? Why aren’t there more police on the streets? Instead they are pulling over good, hard working citizens and giving stupid tickets.
    The violence needs to stop!!! And St. Lucia has the nerve to try and raise taxes to tourists. For what?

  3. RIP cassie…one of di original humble yutes,man like cassie boom wudda resolve peace amonst the rising trend of violent crimes in his community,he indulged by embracing the youth into sporting activities… one ting fi sure jah nuh sleep u surely was a good fellow.

  4. wow I am saddened over this what the hell is going on in our beautiful country murder’s like this happens and our law enforcement agencies doesn’t seems to have a clue about what happened and more importantly who is responsible for such an attack i hope that this time around will be different and the perpetrator or perpetrators will be apprehended and face the full force of the law.Cassi you are gone but you will never be forgotten fly with the Angels my friend RIP

    • All I see stlucia my beautiful stlucia is becoming like overseas and cassi was a good man the person or persons that kill will not sleep well and it’s time the police step up to many good people dieing.I still can’t believe it that happen may he RIP.

  5. Naked at home with a gunshot to the head.Thats personal.Almost seems like a woman is missing from the equation

    • That is a terrible crime how can the murderer sleep at mights I pray to God that the person responsible will be caught and face the courts

      • They can sleep because their concept of good and evil is different from yours. This doesn’t bother such animals.

  6. Rest in peace lord pass your mercy upon ‘cassy boom’ and help other people who was shocked by his death.

    My coach, when that me friend told me i burst in sadness. Great football coach, we would do such a thing
    From one of your football students

  7. The Crime Fighting Strategy is not up to Standard in St.Licia.The police Concentrate on issuing Traffic Tickets in the City .The Spc,s have no Consideration for an Explation when issuing a Traffic Ticket.The police Stations Island wide Should be on Mobile Patrol day and Night .Stop and Search the guys on the Block

  8. There is a lot to investigate here,this was a execution.But let them work the case.and see what they find,Trevor you have a point.

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