Foreign National Arrested, Charged After Urinating In Public

A foreign national, identified by City Police as Francis George of Dominica, has been arrested and charged for urinating in public in Castries.

According to a City Police official, the 58 year old foreign national was arrested  near the Soufriere bus stand on Carl Crescent Street, Castries Tuesday.

According to reports, George was taken to the City Police headquarters where he was charged.

He was granted bail and was due to attend court.




  1. bravo!!! now come by CDC block X and W where the patrons of Bzzzzzzzz bar use the walkway to people homes as the toilet and start charging them as well …. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

  2. He do the crime he has to psy.but we need justice for gizelle chrystal kimbely verlinda the byron gurl so many ..we need the city police to fight crime they better than them official ones bless and protect the city police officers

  3. I’m seeing a lot of praise here but the biggest problem i have here is where are the public restroom/portable rest rooms provided by the government to stop this behavior ppl being charged for things where there are no measures in place to prevent it to me is just the behavior of idiots and idiots will worship idiots

  4. There is a very public restroom very close to the Soufriere bus stand. All he had to do, ESPECIALLY as a foreigner, was simply to ask.

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