Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Former Councillor Charged With Insulting Castries Mayor

Former Councillor at the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), Victor Maurice, has been charged in connection with remarks he allegedly made about Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, it has been reported.

The offending remarks were allegedly made on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.

The remarks are said to have been related to the importation of a vehicle.

Maurice was charged following a complaint from the Mayor, St Lucia Times was informed.

He was charged in accordance with section 534 of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia, Chapter 3:01 of the revised laws of Saint Lucia.

The former Councillor has been summoned to appear before the First District Court on November 15, 2018.


  1. I think that’s setting a good precedent not because your party in power you think you can break the law

  2. What exactly did Maurice say about the importation of the car that warranted an arrest? Now Mr. Mayor stop playing politics. You all over the place boasting how you forgave a man that wanted to kill you but you want a man charged for speaking. Is it a case of the truth hurting so much that you would rather a scheme to kill?

  3. The man I know Mr. Maurice to be would not have cursed the mayor, so whatever it was it that really necessary??? Why is it that we human being must excercise our power and intimedate those that are not in the position to fight back with the same strength. Choops. We need to channel this wasted energy in a direction that edifies and bring some kind of benefit to our society and our people. Mr Mayor get over it, Jesus Christ was wrongly acused even when he caming bearing the best news ever, so who do you think you are God? choops

  4. I don’t know what the man said to or about the mayor but in St Lucia we have no respect for authority. We feel we can tell people anything and get away with it. Let the court decide whether he abused his power or whether the man in question was disrespectful.

  5. Nonsense !! Is he GOD ? They should also be charge for making promises they don’t keep .

  6. You see how some people in position behaved, castries city council are claiming that they don’t have money, but look at the amount of people who have been employed by city council, giving out contracts, which is all of the fortnightly and monthly paid workers are being paid, every fortnights and month ends, also these are the people who wants to run for government election to sit in parliament, the Mayor of castries came on radio and television saying that since he’s been in office he hasn’t go to government to ask for money to pay anything for city council, yet still there’s a friend of mine who was working with c,c,c, whom c,c,c brought to court last year April accusing him for steeling a human scoll, after searching his premises and found nothing, arrested him, have him slept at custady suite, the court was withdrawn on the 25th of July 2018 with no evidence against the guy, and up to now c,c,c has not pay the guy his money owed to him telling him that all calculations to pay him done already, but there’s no cash flow they don’t want to give him a bounce check, after buying new vehicles, and spoil his reputation is that not a deliberate action for not giving the man his money. Mr mayor of castries city council pay the man his money it’s not you all own again it’s his give it to him it’s time

  7. The City council is claiming that they don’t have money, but they have been employing people and giving out contracts. While there’s a friend of mine who was working with Castries City Council whom Castries City Council brought him to court last year April accusing him of steeling a human skull after searching his premises and found nothing. They arrested him, he slept in custody suite and the court was withdrawn on the 25th of July 2018 with no evidence against him. Since then Castries City Council have not paid him the money they owe him. CCC said that there’s no cash flow yet they buying new vehicles and employing new people. I am not against the company moving forward and improving the company but they could at least pay the man his money after putting him through the drama of false accusations and no evidence.

  8. The courts should come out with who did what and when and how,guilty or inocent.Somebody has a lot of dirty clothes hanging on the clothes line.

  9. Stop regurgitating old news. And fix this site. It is hell typing a comment on this site. Double lettering, triple wording, impossible to correct or remove words and a host of other nonsense.

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