Former Diplomat Says Hathaway Homicide Will Revive UK Interest In Saint Lucia Justice System

Former Saint Lucia High Commissioner in London, Doctor Ernest Hilaire, has said that he is sure British interest in the criminal justice system here will be revived as a result of the death on Sunday of British national, Robert ‘Bob’ Hathaway.

Hilaire recalled at a news conference Monday that in the past, there have been incidents where British nationals have been murdered in Saint Lucia.

“We have had three or four in the past few years,” the former High Commissioner stated.

Hilaire, who is also a member of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and the MP for Castries South, recalled that when he was High Commissioner, the murders represented a significant issue for the British government.

He made specific reference to the killing here of British nationals Roger Pratt and Oliver Gobat.

Gobat was killed in April 2014.

“Certainly in the case of the Gobat murder, there was an attempt made for the British  to  actually get involved to assist our police  in terms of forensic evidence and ensuring that there was a thorough investigation,” Hilaire told reporters.

But he noted that there were limitations, in that the British government was asking the then government of Saint Lucia to ensure that if somebody was found  and convicted, they would not be given the death penalty.

Asserting that the issue ‘went back and forth’, Hilaire said it demonstrated that the British government  and the British public expect the highest standards of policing and forensic work to ensure that  whoever is responsible for those acts are brought to justice.

“It has continued to be a sore spot with yet again another British national unfortunately and regrettably losing his life in Saint Lucia,” he stated.

“ I think you will all agree that since 2016 the criminal justice system has deteriorated even more in Saint Lucia,” Hilaire declared.

“We heard talk that once there was a new DPP all those matters would be dealt with. We are going on to the second year of the DPP and we still have outstanding matters,” he observed.

According to the Castries South MP, it would be interesting to see over the next few days whether the  Minister of National Security  will actually address the public on how Saint Lucia  will deal with this matter.

“Certainly from our experience it is always a matter of grave concern whenever a national, and in this case a British national loses his life,” he asserted.


  1. Deal with which matter? A homicide?
    Get serious. Is this poor reporting or he really expects the Minister to comment.

  2. As a small nation we need to address the crime epidemic in st Lucia most people work for 4 :25 cents an hour working 12 hour shifts in gas stations security companies and hotel and are paid just to buy food the chamber if commerce the government and the labour department is responsible for the poverty in st Lucia what can 4 dollars do for a man to support his family

  3. they should have called you the former international embarassment to the nation. please no more about this guy. a real failure.

  4. The high level of crime in St. Lucia is unacceptable. The government must show leadership on this most important issue. Strategies should be put in place to lessen the senseless killings of citizens and residents. Criminal activities have doubled, may be tripled or even quadrupled under this idle, worthless administration. The minister with the responsibility for crime should be sacked. He has no discernible leadership skills to effectively tackle the crime explosion. We have to stop bashing the messenger and deal with the message.

  5. Mid Dec a British National went missing from IGY Marina late one night. NOTHING was ever investigated. Disgusting message about what a life is worth.

  6. Doctor Hilaire, you are a very good thinker and writer, a good politician too; Please don’t spread your British virus in the land. I s it only British citizens that dose die in the hands of criminals here? Who said do not apply capital punishment here? I don’t agree for any foreign country to meddle in our justice system, that is what these big countries did. And here is the result. Your leader Kenny followed their instructions to persecute, our hard working Police officers, who put their lives at risk, when going after these criminals to protect us all. Kenny demoralized, divided and even causes hate in our police force. Result; the criminals are continuing their merry way. he did this, just to protect his way of entry to these countries;; So stop Mr.Hilair, stop, and let this government see how best they can handle this out of hand situation! You and the rest of the SLP should be ashamed of your selves, instead, look at you still bragging!

    • This current administration didnt allow the SLP administration to handle the crime situation and used it to their advantage. Now they have made it worse
      2011 murder rate – 39 second half 2016 murder rate – 19
      2012 murder rate – 37 2017 murder rate – 60
      2013 murder rate – 34 2018 murder rate – 43
      2014 murder rate – 29
      2015 murder rate – 28
      first half 2016 murder rate – 12

  7. A A so many bad thi things you does say about white people how you love that one but you hate the PM because he is white, you slps will do anything for power maybe be it you slps that pay the young girl to kill him just for political milage

  8. You were indignant when HC in London and the state of the police and services such as forensic lab were called into question. What was acceptable to you then it seems is not acceptable now. What’s changed?

  9. Let’s all come together and fight 💪 for our security and health and put party aside weather red or yellow,and also peety politics, please let’s come to grip with the reality of the first and not party…

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