Former Diplomat urges change to ‘opposition’ label

Dear Editor,
I read with great interest your article/report on the International Associations of Parliamentarians for Peace.
Whereas I applaud the intent and aspirations of this Association, I have felt for a long time and expressed
in writing that we should change the term/designation/label of “Leader and Members of The Opposition” to “Representatives of the Minority in Parliament”.
This should help remove from the minds of elected members of parliament in minority, the thought that they are not there to oppose everything suggested or articulated by the majority in parliament.
Too often I note that issues before parliament are opposed by (an opposition) even though the idea emanated from the opposing party when that party was in the majority.
A Parliament must be viewed as a representative all the people in a governance structure which should be participatory although sometimes of diverse views and representation.
This opposition phenomenon is manifest in some more developed countries where new leaders seek to undo all that was put in place by a previous government.  In this regard, It would not be prudent of me to give an example of this phenomenon.
I recommend that in considering a revised constitution we embrace this perspective for the good of our people and as an example to our world.
Ambassador Dr. Joseph E. Edmunds,  OBE
Former Ambassador of St Lucia to The UN, OAS, and US
Former member of The Executive Board of UNESCO
International Consultant
The Edmunds Group International (TEG)