Former Minister Calls For Sanctions Against Delinquent Parents

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Former Minister of Home Affairs Dr. Velon John has called for sanctions against delinquent parents to deal with the nation’s crime crisis.

John advocated the measure among several to deal with the crime situation, asserting that the discharge of parental responsibilities must become a direct concern of government.

According to the former Laborie MP, parents must position themselves in a way that is conducive to the proper development of their children.

But he noted that a particular problem arises when the parents are themselves, children.

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The Attorney at Law called for a curtailing of what he described as ‘the unbridled freedom and laissez-faire attitude’ children experience.

John expressed that perhaps the time has come for a Ministry of Youth and Domestic Affairs with a mandate of the wholesome development of our children.

“Its concerns should focus on where they live, how they live, what happens at school, what happens after school, what happens during the vacation periods, what happens when they cease being school attendees, and what time is spent in spiritual discourse,” the former Minister declared.

That is from five to twenty-five years old, ” John said.

“Parenting is too serious a responsibility to be left only or solely to parents. Parenting must become a government responsibility,” he said.

“As I see it we are in a state of crisis,” John disclosed.

And as a result, he advocated the adoption of ‘enlightened draconian measures.’

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  1. I’ve always said we need to hold the parents accountable. I see a lot of parents especially mothers driving and their little ones are not seated in a car seat. I need to be a traffic officer just for them, To arrest their behinds. It’s disgusting parents!!!
    Says one thing and very clear as well that you don’t care about your child.
    Parents disrespect teachers all the time inter kids presence.
    About time something is set up to protect the little ones from their bad parents

  2. Who cares about a first, second or third Lady? we are talking youth crime and how to go about developing a better future for tomorrow; today’s so called kids is gone; half of them are locked up in Jail. I remember when V, John once advocated the whipping of delinquent kids publicly on the ‘Square’ every body thought he was mad. Now see what has happened. I believe, never spare the Rod to spoil the child. I myself received many licks and callots in my youth, and by comparison, you can call me a saint.(go tell all the first Ladies, the Fox would like to meet them) I’m no longer a saint, but a wicked sinner, saved by Grace.(Oh Lord save the youth of today) merry Xmas.

  3. Those guys are just evil and is involve in freemasons and the occult tell us the secret of the societies that you all are in lions club, rotary secret societies and the Catholic Church Babylon must fall

  4. Putting sanctions on parents is what this government and Velon wants so your’ll don’t see the real problem is in these offices that put their greedy needs first and leaving the parents to hustle their way through the streets and then the children follow that same path. Governments don’t teach any morals or values they just hold the best interest for themselves as the politicians getting richer. Bottom line government don’t care just arrest the youth if they get them and now calling for sanctions on parents…

  5. we are all failures at one point. families fail miserable, we put God aside and we only look unto men for guidance. so until we put God first in every matter, we will jus be heading down drain.

  6. All the nay sayers are the kind of viruses which keep us in the dark. The problem exists and the message is clear and productive. Those who are opposed are the problem.

  7. I hope you took care of all your children since you see it fit to impose such.All of you are a bunch of leaders without any good traits.You call yourself educated but you can’t seem to think.So instead let’s just put sanctions instead of getting to the core of the problems.

  8. Just saying and Allison if you have nothing good to say, please remain quiet. Let’s focus on the problem and how do we help alleviate it. Forget about the messenger. Crime is becoming a huge problem , especially with the age group committing those offences. Its time parents are held accountable . We see both mothers and fathers abandoning their children in the care of other people, when the negative behaviors start they expect teachers, counsellors and social workers to perform miracles. Government need to do more with our youths. we need more social programs and finances if we want to see a change.

  9. Re just saying comments..I do agree with you very much and also,he is the same person that creates the problem by filling the jail with Men for little or no common sense reasons.. One of these men should pay him a visit..V.J is useless..

  10. Who dug up this fossil? The tone from the top has been set. People look at their leaders, people like you, and see the are the most corrupt vile creatures. They realise to get to the top they need to abandon values and rules that shackle them. Just like you did. Shady dealings, nepotism, cronyism. Fix teh top and the rest follows.

  11. I believe the best way to do this is to start gardens in every and all vacant little disturbed garbeged lots in Castries, evt,every place where there are disgusting abandoned cars covered in bush!,, create programs to start planting banana, corn, ect, bring the youth into hands on gardening projects where they reap the rewards of community gardens and FREE foods to pick…. Is this impossible? Smph lol

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