Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Former Minister Raises Concerns Over Use Of Agro-Chemicals

Former Saint Lucia Agriculture Minister, Moses Jn Baptiste, has expressed concern over the use of agro-chemicals, especially in the banana industry.

“We have always been very concerned that banana farmers in particular in Saint Lucia throughout the decades have been exposed to chemicals that in one form or another have been deemed dangerous or carcinogenic,” Jn Baptiste told St Lucia Times.

“I is very important for policy makers to focus on this issue and spend a lot more time discussing with farmers and business people and the wider society about the impact on our population,” the Vieux Fort North MP observed.

He recalled that when he was Minister of Agriculture, there was a programme dealing with the package, storing and shipment of obsolete chemicals.

Jn Baptiste said the process was led by the Pesticide Control Board.

The former minister declared that the use of agro-chemicals is an area of serious concern that should be addressed.

He spoke against the backdrop of reports that in Martinique and Guadeloupe a pesticide linked to cancer – chlordecone – was sprayed on banana crops  for two decades and now nearly all the adult local residents have traces of it in their blood.

According to the BBC French President Emmanuel Macron has called it an “environmental scandal” and said the state “must take responsibility”.

The French parliament is holding a public inquiry which will report its findings in December, the BBC reported.


  1. Most of our farmers from that generation are all buried,wymen and men,they have all left us.Sorry to say,all the products had cncerous components but the big companies just ignored those facts,because they needed to sell these products.Some stuff was banned in some countries and sold with out issues in others.Just check Monsanto Chemicals they have killed more humans than anybody on the surface of this earth.

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  3. This problem associated with French banana cultivation is not new as the study was publish during Musa’s tenure. Matter of fact I had raised that issues when Musa himself was Minister. Guess what? Not a word, not a word, not a word. However while he is opposition he alludes to it. Musa you cannot make a difference in opposition, what you should do is do things while you are minister. Stop ducking your responsibility while in office.

  4. i think we should get a moratorium on SLP mouth-pieces. I dont wanna hear them hypocrites no more!!!

  5. Wow,,Wow only now Musa is coming out talking, about this dangerous Chemical. Many of our Farmers and our people generally consuming Chemical Loaded foods which are still prevalent in our Markets and SuperMarkets. I am afraid very afraid we are DOOMED. MY PEOPLE IF YOU HAVE NOT STARTED GROWING YOUR KITCHEN GARDEN START NOW IT IS NOT TOO LATE, ENSURE IT IS CHEMICAL FREE. GONE ARE THE DAYS OF COW AND HORSE MANURE. NOT TOO LATE TO START. I REST MY CASE.

  6. Just prohibit it that in Saint Lucia. Final stop or label the bananas that are organic so the population can chose if they want to get cancer or not.

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