Thursday, August 18, 2022

Former Minister Says Police Officers ‘Too Political’

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Former National Security Minister Hermangild Francis has spoken regarding politics in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“The advice I would give the police officers presently is to take the politics out of the police force. They are too political. There are police officers there that when you listen to them speaking, they are even more au courant with the politics than the politicians,” Francis declared.

He spoke during an appearance on Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning Saint Lucia on Hot 7 Television.

The former Deputy Police Commissioner told programme Host Shannon Lebourne that some of the senior officers influence some youngsters.

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“When I was a police officer of course, I knew where I was voting. Of course, I knew where I was voting. I voted, but when it came to my job I was brutal. Whether you were UWP or Labour I would do what I had to do,” Francis stated.

He described it as ‘ a lot of hogwash’ claims that politicians are interfering with the RSLPF.

Francis said if an officer allows that to happen, that individual should not be in the force.

“If the Commissioner allows a Minister to call him and tell him to withdraw a charge against a particular person and he does it, then he does not deserve to be Commissioner of Police,” Francis asserted.

“You cannot interfere with the police force. It has to be a hands-off situation,” the former Minister noted.

Francis said people associate some officers with the United Workers Party (UWP).

“I can give you one example. People talk about the Deputy Commissioner and they said that he is a United Workers Party person and when you look at everything else that has happened, that is not so. They guy did his job,” he explained.

“He was the one who was sent to Bordelais and when he was sent to Bordelais at a higher rank, it was not the United Workers Party that sent him there. It was the Saint Lucia Labour Party that sent him there and then he came back to the police force at a higher rank, applied, went through the process of the Public Service Commission – he was the best at the interviews and became the Deputy Commissioner. But because he stopped a politician and another person who is associated with a party, he becomes political and that is the mistake we make,” the former Minister said

“Allow police officers to do their work. They will do what they are supposed to do,” Francis observed.

Headline photo: Hermangild Francis (Stock image)

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  1. LoL.. says the one who got a whole scholarship as a police officer merely because he was part of SLP political royalty….

    • That’s why he can speak with such authority, because he is a beneficiary of the divisive politics that have crippled the force for decades. Everything he says there is true and has merit so not because he is on the other side now that he should be condemned.

  2. He is right and knows what he is talking about. I have said it on many occasions In order to climb the rank in the police force is through political affiliations. You can be the best office, giving your job the best, excelling at job interviews you will not get the post if you are not affiliated with the party the top rank is affiliated to. The sad thing for the police force those they promote to high rank have them write a statement etc and see what they produce. Many of them have to go back to the officers they promote them over to help them do the things correct. They are the seniors who they believed deserved the higher post(when they don’t at all). They should have a plan in place on how to tackle things in the department they have nothing and want to ask the lower rank that they don’t believe deserve promoting because they are not the same party with them as what they should do. Don’t get me wrong I am a strong believer in team work but do t tell me if someone deserve a promotion you bypass and give it to your friend or political pal and you will come and ask me to give you ideas on what or how to do something oh no. Also some ifficers are being denied promotion because of their family association or who are their family that was part of ORC. The police force is in a mess because of the wrong people giving positions that they are not suitable for. Until they make things right in gods eyes it will remain this way. Do unto others what you would like done to you and your children and your generation. Peace and love

  3. He was Slp before Swing to United Wreckers of the poor .Uwp and now talking about politiricks in the Rslpf.

  4. To get by in ST Lucia one has to have connections. These connections, political and otherwise is exactly the source and the breeding ground of all the corruption that has permeated the whole island. The politicians cover for each other, even across party lines . You hear accusations of corruption, yet no one gets arrested. It will never change . It’s been that way from day one. No one cares about the future of the country and their children living in it, as long as they get a cut.

  5. The system contradict itself in general, the spring always tilt to the direction of who benefitting and who are not will obviously scream. Even the pigs and cows are too political on this island much less the human being who inhabit it.

  6. Please, spare me! Only June and July last year Kenny and him were airing each other’s dirty laundry. The conflict was so brutal, that they even aired their own dirty laundry.Remarkable indeed.

    What did the public learn? Among other things, that Kenny promoted him ahead of the people who were next in line. Next, his political godfather also gave him a golden kick to UWI. The whole affair was so tawdry, that it deserves to remain buried, if one has a weak stomach. Revelations of public corruption and the devil knows what.
    Almost one year later, see who pops up as a guru on morality? Never a dull moment in St. Lisi.

  7. In your own words sir that’s alot of “hogwash”. You know that the police force as well as other government ministries and departments are under some political interference. It has been so from long ago. The question one should be asking is whether the political interference has worked for good or bad. Generally speaking it has not worked out for the ordinary man but for the politically affiliated. Would it stop I doubt. On the other hand some political interference is sometimes necessary to fulfill the party’s policies. Too much political interference is where we have gone wrong most of the time.

  8. Nothing wrong with Police officers being Au courants with politics…what matters is that they don’t allow politics to guide their actions as public servants. They should be impartial in their duties to the public…and it doesn’t matter their political affiliation….we are breeding a toxic culture of politics in Saint Lucia…too much division between political parties and their followers when at the end of the day everyone lives on the same Island getting squeezed despite who ever in in power…it’s time to end this divisiveness in our country…but then again I won’t hold my breath cause time and again you see and hear the same sound bites….plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

  9. I am so surprised I never expected Hermangild to say something like that.
    Hermangild, isn’t Wayne Charlery too political? Isn’t commissioner Desir too political?
    And you Hermangild when you were an SLP weren’t you too political when you attempted to arrest Mondesir at Anse La Raye. When you have a glass house don’t throw stones.


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