Former Minister Urges Cash Support For Saint Lucia Farmers, Fishers

A former Agriculture Minister says  Saint Lucia  farmers, fishers and other producers need cash support to survive in the current COVID-19 environment.

But Moses Jn Baptiste lamented that the Government continues to show disrespect to them by the manner in which Covid-19 Income Relief is being handled.

Jn Baptiste made the remarks in a post on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

The Vieux Fort North MP observed that farmers and fishers along with other producers and entrepreneurs all suffered as a result of the Covid-19 related closures of businesses.

“It is a fact that many of these Saint Lucians have lost income and are having a difficult time paying their bills and struggling to recover,” Jn Baptiste asserted.

As reported by Hot 7 Television News, farmers gathered at the Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday to voice concern over what they declared was the withdrawal of their eligibility for financial support under the Income Support Programme.

But the television news channel quoted Director of Implementation, Nancy Charles, as saying that although farmers were promised support, there was no indication that it would be in the form of money.

Moses Jn Baptiste says is unacceptable that the arrangements for these producers are mired in confusion and controversy.

“This is yet another indication of a confused Government whose priorities are not that of our people,” he said.

“The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the Government to immediately make arrangements to provide the cash support which is so badly needed to these hard working Saint Lucians. The Government has access over 77 million dollars which intended for income support due to Covid-19, it must be used for just that,” the former Agriculture Minister declared.


  1. What is the confusion Mr. Jn Baptiste? The government promised support. They never promised cash support. I recalled the government promising to by their produce and fish from them and that’s what they are doing. Right now we scarcely get ground provisions at the supermarket and fish has not been at a reduced price for a while.

  2. He po cret.. you and you hungry boys will then talk about borrowing money…you can fool the farmers but not for too long.

  3. Small business owners were financially impacted by covid lockdown. They had to pay rent, operating expenses, and suffered loss of income. Street vendors were in the same predicament.They deserve some financial relief.

    • Really now. Support for what exactly? Didn’t they give loan moratoriums. You want government to go borrow to pay them instead. Or raise taxes on people who don’t benefit from their businesses?

  4. You all politicians must stop this nonsense that you to to get into power. People like Musa are the ones who have some farmers making noise for the income support the government have for some people who have lost their income. The government has initiated a number of measures to ensure that farmers continue to get an income during this time. If anyone has made money during this Covid times are the farmers. Prices of Vegetables and ground provisions at the produce market have almost doubled over the past few months. Therefore the farmers are making a lot of money. The government has promised to support them by providing fertilizer, seeds etc. Is this good enough. I wAnt to ask Musa where would he get the money to give to farmers. REMEMBER KENNY SAID NO BANK WANTED TO LEND HIM MONEY, BECAUSE HIS FINANCIAL HOUSE WAS NOT IN ORDER. So if Kenny could not get money how would you or Pip get money to give to farmers. Stop fooling people.

  5. We can get money for all broke foreigners, even our NIC money but now we asking where we getting money for the farmets. If we going to borrow to get money for the farmers. Lucians not ready yet. This place is special.

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