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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm
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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm

Former Minister Urges Church To Speak Up On Social Issues

Former Saint Lucia government minister, Emma Hippolyte, has urged the church to speak up on social issues, including gambling.

She expressed the view that the church has been quiet on the matter.

“I believe there is room for the Christian Council and others to let their voices be heard,” Hippolyte declared.

The former Minister of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, recalled that while in office she spoke on the issue of gambling in parliament.

“I am of the view that we have too many of these gambling shops all over the place – they are too accessible to children. Anybody can walk in – do whatever they want,” Hippolyte told St Lucia Times.

The former Gros Islet MP asserted that Saint Lucia could well be growing a nation of gamblers.

She referred to recent reports of a commotion in Dennery where some women were demanding to be paid by a shop owner for money won in games of chance.

“It is telling us that as a society we are accepting too many things without trying to correct them,” the former minister lamented.

“We cannot determine an individual’s moral compass, but I believe as a nation we need to put the right environment in place and guide – guide our young people,” she stated.

Hippolyte explained that she was concerned before and is concerned now.

She called on the authorities to rethink this country’s position in regard to placing gambling machines all over the country and accessible to everyone.

Hippolyte noted that international research has found that gambling is addictive.

She recalled at one time passing through the William Peter Boulevard in Castries and noticing a line of women waiting to play.

“You have people – some of them not working. Some of them with whatever little income they have; they do not pay attention to the education of their children; they do not pay attention to nutrition; to health care – all they do is throw money into these machines.”


  1. I appreciate that she spoke out , I hadn’t heard from her since the last election.Indeed the church should speak out on these matters..l doik ow why they are silent on such issues!

  2. Emma Emma Emma. Weren’t you the minister when the first casino was opened here? Did you speak up openly about it? Ohhh I forgot. Kenny fired you for the day and took over your ministry and gave permission for them to operate. NOW you want the church to speak about it? I really hope that it is a case where you forgot what truly happened. And I doubt that you would forget. You have elephant brains.

    • Thank you very much. Very well said. This woman trying to stay politically relevant and as usual, at the risk of the people’s lives and futures.

  3. Emma, the Churches are keeping prayer meetings for you and the rest of the politicians including the whole nation! but, power is less!

  4. Whether it is Emma Hippolyte or any other person, the gambling situation in Saint Lucia is a huge problem and it is an absolute necessity for us to tackle this cancer with the urgency it requires. The religious leaders have been quiet on many burning issues and it is about time that they speak out.

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